fight song...?

Where could I get the words to this song

i like the music in between plays.. and last game my GF says it was the only thing keeping her up, lol keep the tunes comin bob

punk it out..bring someone like Motley Crue in sing it or somthing..i know its stupid

It goes back at least to the early 60s.

I really loved hearing our Tiger Cat Fight Song being played at the game on Friday.

The more upbeat and punchy it is banged out by the band playing it, the better.

I think this is the one they played click here

College students in the U.S still sing Fight Songs with gusto at games.

Despite being an old tradition, they must be considered cool by those young folks.

What I would like to see is putting the words up on the Tiger Vision. I know the chorus pretty good, but the rest of the words are a little fuzzy.
It is a great song, DON'T MESS WITH IT, and I do agree could you see them messing with the ND Fight Song? NOOOOOOOOOO

Awsome to hear it either get a better recording of it or clarify the one they have and add the words.

Fabulous !!! Thanks mightypope I think there is a couple of Rah Rah’s in there after the first verse too !! It was so much fun to hear it. Just make it clearer.

what about the:

Hello Hello
We are the Tiger boys
Hello Hello
You can tell us by the noise
We are the best team in the land
No one can deny
We all follow the Tigers

and isn't there another one like

Hold the Tiger or Oh those Tigers or something like that?

Here’s my thought on the matter.

song: great, lots of tradition dating back to the 50’s or earlier.

problem: do we have to use the bloody original recording? it sounds like something out of an Abbot and Costello movie!

get some guitar in there, keep the words the same, make it sound mean, something we can yell along with at the stadium!

(btw, cheergirl i dont think i got the true spirit of your post as you seemed to mostly be advocating the usage of kareoke technology to allow the rest of the fans access to the song. but i still feel my comment fits.)

Does anyone have the score to this?

Being fourty plus years old, I'm sure that the original score is old enough that it has fallen to public domain, and as such, I'm just wondering what I could do with it.


Caretaker, do you have any idea about the legal status of the Ti-Cat Fight Song?

Wow, great memories.

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Vince Neil is in town Aug. 12 and so are the A*GOS. Ask him. He can unveil it live and then play the afterparty :wink:

Beware the SuperBowlShuffle :rockin:

The following audio clip gives a good history behind some of the CFL songs, including the Ti-cats, Argos and Lions.


In the words of Jack Armstrong Raptors colour man...


As well as being the Argonauts band, JohnHayman

the singers sing it too wimpy.

I think the song should be played on the Tiger Vision at the begining and at half time at the games,

Have the words go across the screen while following the bouncing ball to guide you like they used to do at intermissions at the Drive In Theatre.

It would be fun for the youngsters and elderly to follow along and the rest of of us can either suck it up and deal with a great traditional song. :thup:

I believe the words to the song were penned by no other than former Hamilton GM and CFL Commissioner Jake Gaudaur -- as the the musical score, not sure.

From Bob Young:

"Having great cheers is just one of those benefits of being involved with the team. Jake Gaudaur and Ralph Sazio knew this - a little known fact: they were the authors of the classic Ticat fight song: "We love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats, the team with the spirit and fight…" They did not hire a songwriter to write them a song. They wanted the fun of writing one themselves. Did it make the team play better? I doubt it. But you can be sure it made them smile whenever they heard it. It makes it a lot easier to do all the hard work when you love what you do."

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Oski wee Wee,

BTW - it’s not the Argonauts Band on that recording, it’s Dal Richards and his Orchestra from a 1967 recording of his “CFL Songs” album.

Thanks for thinking of us,
the Argonauts Band.

The podcast from the Argonotes was a lot of fun ... thanks to them and JohnHayman for posting the link.

I noticed the Fight Song was played very early in the game Friday night, and another song with the words from the chant was played later in the quarter. This second song sounded like it was by a local rock band. Anyone know the group and song title? Is there a weblink for that as well? I think drumming_god posted this information on the old boards, but I can't find it now.

Until the lyrics appear on the Tigervision or the program, I think I'll print my own for the denizens of Section 7. See if you can hear us at the next game.