fight song...?

who thinks that tiger cats chant song thingy is not cool..(the, We love those cats, those tiger-cats" song..)
no offence to whoever signs in it but i think its so cheesey and corney we need like a good up to beat song.. somthing of the new generation with a good beat, like u know that one song they play somtimes in betweenplays.. "unstopable" or somthing.. that style.. like hip hopish..

It's a tradition that we should keep around for a while. However, I wouldn't mind a new, modern "fight song" produced. There are lots of great Hamilton and area bands that could be approached...

i like it! :slight_smile:

It's nice to hear it purely to keep tradition alive, but i would also like to see a new modern one aswell

I love the Fight Song. May be cheesy but I think it's catchy.

Keep it!!

why not get someone new to sing the bloody thing, ya its corny, but who cares. just dont make it sound like its in a movie from the 50's.... (i still hate Inherit the wind just for that stupid song)

It's tied for my all time "Sports Fight Song"
with Notre Dame's song.
Can you imagine somebody writing a forum at Notre Dame with such a suggestion?
They'd track the writer down and make him eat a Michigan Wolverine game worn pair of socks.
It was best when the old TiCat band played it after every touchdown. Remember them in their little box just below section 30 or 31?

Yeah, whatever happened to the Ti-Cat band?

Please leave our cheesy fight song alone.
Seriously, I'd hate it if we abandoned this tradition.
Have another one written if desired, but keep the original!

The Ticat fight song is a lot of fun, whatever its vintage, because it's in the spirit of old-time football. I think it'd be great if the lyrics were printed in the program so that everyone could learn them. It's surprising that the Teen Tour Band doesn't play it (... at least, I don't think they do ...).

That said, it would also be great if other bands covered it in new styles. No objection here to a hip-hop, country or rock version.

tradition? it like was just made last year..??where r u gettin tradition from

wasnt it?

I never heard of it before last game and couldn't make out what the heck was being sung. A fight song only works if the FANS do the singing IMO anyway. You get 27000 people singing row row row your boat and its a better fight song than that thing that nobody even acknowledges.

i agree with blitz21 it was made last year. if you want tradition oksi wee wee is tradition

I'm 49 and was singing that song at games when I was a wee fellah'.
It is indeed traditional.
An idea to either put the words on the Dofasco TigerVision screen when it's played (like after EVERY TD we score) and in the game day booklet (that ain't no program...but the price is cool)

Think about it....28,000 delirious fans singing that to the Argo faithful on Labour Day....
That song and Oskee-Wee-Wee beat the lame AAAAARGOOOOS
chant 100 times over

Made last year? That song is from the 50's. Never let it die, it is as much a part of this team as the colours. When they played it the other night, all us old farts stood up an sang it. That was the signature of the team for many years, don't mess with tradition.

The history of this song was discussed on the old boards, but the thread is gone now. Working from memory, I believe the song was written by Jake Gaudar and Ralph Sazio in the late 1960s or early 1970s. A number of notable Hamiltonians recorded it relatively recently and it is now available on CD from this website:

[url]Welcome to Race Records - home page

This version has been played at games for the last two years at least. It would be great to hear from someone who knows more about the writing of the song or the production of the record.

Tiger-Cat Fight Song Lyrics:(from a 1963 program)

We love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats

the team with the spirit and fight.

They’ll crouch and snarl, then charge and strive

to win with all their might.

We love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats

we don’t mind adversity

'Cause we’ll Oskee-Wee-Wee and Oskee-Wa-Wa

right on to victory.

It was the George Houslander band which used to play it after every Ticat touchdown in the west end zone below section 30. I love hearing that song and I used to hear it alot back then because the 'Cats scored LOTS of touchdowns!!!

the new chant is pretty cool---- I think they are trying to be a little retro with the song sounding like the early sixties!! What would be nice is to get rid of the noise EVERY time in between plays, the music is not needed just on SOME plays not every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!