Fight Song

Is anyone else missing the fight song after a win??

We have a fight song?

You mean Queens - "we will rock you" ??

Ya, I miss it. Always loved walking down Balsam Ave. after a Ticat victory hearing "We love those 'Cats, those Tiger-Cats" blaring from the speakers at 'ol Ivor Wynne. For sure, bring back the fight song and if you're not going to do that than could I request "Old Train" by Monster Truck. That would be a great song to hear after we have steamrolled the opposition.

I heard that 'fight song' once. It is really old fashioned, not a very great song to get hyped up from. I understand it is historical.

It will NOT resonate with the type of people the Ticats need to market to.

The only time I heard it sung was on a bus trip. It was a 50+ year old person, no one knew the words, despite similar aged people being on the bus, and it just seems awkward really to hear it today.

I think having the Oskee Wee Wee chant is enough personally. It is awkward, but that works and everyone seems to enjoy it.

Maybe somebody can do a rap or techno remix of the song. lol

I miss it too, as do several people in my section, although I will say, it's very classy having your one in stadium Ti-Cat panel for post-game which I like quite a bit more.

After they are done though, yeah that old song would be nice. Post game music is pretty much an after thought anyways, so it's kinda nice to have the old time song playing in the distance.

The fight song was and is a classic. It should be played after every victory.

I also think that the fans should start the singing of "Nah Nah Hey Hey Goodby" by Steam when the game is no longer in doubt. I so wanted to do that on Saturday night after Banks' TD but didn't have much of a voice left by then. :wink: For beating the Larks singing of "Ole Ole" should be the fait accompli. 8)

My 2 cents worth (which when adding $1.58 to it) will by you at Medium double double at our stadium's namesake business.

:rockin: :rockin:

Singing "Kiss him Goodbye" is only acceptable to sing when the team you are facing, has just been beaten and been eliminated from post season play (meaning you just ended the team's playoff hopes, or just beat them in the playoffs). The reason is because you are literally saying "Goodbye, we won't see you again this year, see you next season!" Singing it at any other time is a surefire way to jinx a team, as because they have not yet been eliminated, there is a chance you will encounter them again in the playoffs.

Not quite on topic but related: Can anyone tell me if they are playing the Arkell's song from a couple of years ago, "The Ticats Are Hummin'" after they score a TD? I thought it was a great way to celebrate TDs but didn't know if it was carried on last season or now in the new digs. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes, they are.
They could have performed it live last game if they wanted to, as they were sitting in the south end zone patio/lounge area.

Thanks for the correct title. (I knew it but didn't want others to wonder what I meant about kissing some guy - not that there's anything wrong with that :slight_smile: ). I wasn't aware of the post season play aspect of it. I guess you learn something new every day - even an old guy like me. :wink:

Maybe a dumb question but why not play the Fight Song when the team comes on the field, let them know that you, the fans, are proud of the team.

Well, the fight song is an marching band theme from the 60's, it doesn't scream pump you up before a game. You can only do the retro thing for so long in the spotlight before you looks like you are living in the past. After the game though, when everything is said and done, and everyone is tired and on their way home, it's a nice thing to hear in the distance.

Here's the link of the original, it's existed before the Oski wee wee chant was changed, hence the Whiskey Wee Wee

Thanks for the info. A live performance, especially after the TD by Speedy B, :smiley: would have been really neat but not too practical - unfortunately!

Thanks for info Hammer, now I understand.

I think the fight song would be great after every score. I've been to Philadelphia (Fly Eagles Fly), Chicago (Bear Down) and Cincinnati (can't remember, haha) and heard their fight songs after a TD or FG. I don't find ours old fashioned. IMO it's perfect for a crowd to sing after we get some points. Each of those teams (in the NFL) had the words go across their screen for all to join in. It was pretty cool.


Come to think of it, that would actually be kind of awesome if they had them set up and plugged in to play the song when a TD is scored. There's enough room to hook up something like that on the south plaza.

you mean this one

"summer is 6 months away and you don't want to miss that day"

Thanks for posting that.