Fight song

Does anyone have the words to this song or know how to get them. Let me know. Thanks

Also I think it should be played after touchdowns. I really like it. Words should be on the big screen!!!

If you go to this link you can download an mp3 version of the song.

[url=] ... c&p=191978[/url]

It was already suggested to the organization

Have the fight song and the words with the old follow the bouncing ball like they used to play at the drive inn theatres.

the more hype about it on this website might show the team that this is what the fans would like to see

We love those Cats, those Tiger Cats,
The team with the spirit and strife
They'll crouch and snarl and charge and strive to win with all their might.

We love those Cats, those Tiger Cats,
We don't mind adversity
So we'll wiskee wee wee
And Oskee waa waa
Right on the victory,
Rah rah rah!!!

Right on, golfngirl1.!

And as mightypope said on another thread...

'The George Houslander band used to
play it after every Ticat touchdown
in the west end zone below section 30.'

"I love hearing that song and I used to hear it a lot back then

because the 'Cats scored LOTS of touchdowns!!!"

We can't bring George and the Tiger Cat Marching Band back, mightypope
but we can get to hear an upbeat and punchy rendition of our Fight Song
banged out by a band of local musicians and sung by local celebreties.

College students in the United States still sing Fight Songs with gusto at games.

Despite being an old tradition, those young folks consider Fight Songs to be cool.

I like the way this rendition is played better than the Argonotes version.

click here instruments: Tiger-Cats Pep Band
under the direction of Dave Allen

vocalists: Sonny Del-Rio, Connie Smith,
Wendy Wolfe, Bob Bratina, Pig Skin Pete,
Jason Farr, The Tiger-Cat Singers.

As for the link below to download an mp3 version of the song. ... p;p=191978


I missed hearing our Tiger Cat Fight Song last game. Was the song played at all?

I know, I was part of the half time show then and we sang it all the time. What a great time that was. I remember getting on the buses at 5 am. to go to the Grey Cup parade in Toronto. Sat on the stage at the end of the field. What a blast.

That IS the Argonotes version, fyi. It's my arrangement, which the Argos band has been playing for years, and we lent the music (and several musicians) to the Tiger-Cats Pep Band (R.I.P.) But do we get a credit on the recording? nooooo.

The one you hear on the Argonotes web site is a recording from the 1960's by Dal Richards and his Orchestra.

PS. Some of you may have been at the special dinner / ceremony in 2000 to celebrate the Tiger-Cats 1999 Grey Cup. Let me just add that the "Tiger-Cats" Pep Band that played the fight song at that ceremony - also known as "Orchestra Wee-Wee" - may not have been exactly who you thought it was.

The full details of this terrible scandal will emerge over time, I'm sure.

Thanks everyone.