Fight for last place

Winnipeg and Toronto play this weekend. Both are sitting in last place. Toronto may have the edge. Any predictions.

the running game is the key
I pick Winnipeg by a field goal

Neither has a decent QB. . .

Both offences are pretty sad. . .

Both have injuries in their receiving corps. . .

Both have decent running games. . .

Both have questionable coaching. . .

So the difference?

Home field. . . advantage Winnipeg

Defence. . . advantage Winnipeg.

So I predict Winnipeg wins.

let me dwell a little deeper for yall.

QB advantage: Toronto
RB advantage: Even
OL advantage: Even
WR advantage: Toronto
DL advantage: slightly in Torontos favour
LB advantage: Winnipeg
DB advantage: Winnipeg
Kicking/punting advantage: Toronto
Coaching advantage: Toronto

my assesment: Toronto by 10.

Not so sure there. . .

Pickett hasn’t impressed me at all so far, so I’d rank QBs even

WR for Toronto, McNeal and Sam are out, so that takes away any advantage they might have had there. . .

I don’t see any coaching advantage at all. . . Andrus and his team seem a bit lost. . .

So, I’m staying wtih homefield and a superior defence giving Winnipeg a win.

Andrus has made a few mistakes here and there, but I'd still rather have him coach my team than Kelly. And the return game should favour Toronto. Not to mention, overall Toronto has just looked better as a team. Winnipeg just looks... :?

Pickett's proven to be good as has Joseph. Bishops disgusting, 4 td's 11 interceptions, Lefors is not much better, Randall is like captain 20% completion percentage, Bramlet stunk in his first game and Santos is unproven. Toronto has the edge there.

PIckett better than Joseph? Talk about damning with faint praise. . .

Lefors is on the IR, Randall's been released so they don't count in this.

But. . . even if you accept that Pickett is better than Bishop. . . I still think homefield and the Bombers' defence give them the edge. . . but I could be wrong. . . won't be the first time, wont' be the last either.

Pickett's proven to be good as has Joseph

I never said Pickett was better, I said Pickett's proven himself to be good this year and so has Joseph.

Ah gotcha. Well we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. . . he hasn't impressed me much.

If the Bombers can get more than a few 1st downs, the D might be rested enough to shut down Tor. for the WHOLE game. Agree with Madjack, superior defence.

Pickett actually isn't bad. He's completing an average of 63% of his passes, and he's averaging 226 ypg. He has 3 touchdowns, and 3 picks. Those aren't terrible numbers. Just because Toronto isn't winning doesn't mean Pickett isn't any good. Look at Peyton Manning's rookie season. I'd say Toronto definitely has the edge at QB.

Chief, Andrus has made more than a few mistakes. I think I saw him on an old episode of Star Trek. And I love your Jim Daley line.

...Chief's sig is about Jin Daley, not Jim Daley....

:lol: :lol: :lol: Geez, if you hadn't said anything, red, I never would've noticed. :oops: :lol:

It has only been that way for a month....

I thought it was funnier when it said, “Jin.” It made me laugh everytime!

So all of you noticed, but none of you thought to tell me? Screw you guys! :lol:

No, I did think about telling you....but decided it was just funnier this way. The old and senile club you say? Ha!

The Argos have been in a lot of games they’ve lost. Their D is far better…Winnipeg is imploding.

Argos by 13.