Fight at Bomber game

Hey everyone.

After the Bomber game I was leaving down the stairs to the concourse. I was coming down the stairs that lead to sections U and V and I saw the aftermath of a fight. One man was lying on the ground, apparently he had been punched quite hard by another fan. I also saw two people, a man and a woman between restrained. They were desperately trying to get loose and were shouting things.

Was anyone else at the game and know what happened exactly? I was just curious. Does anyone know how the man is doing? I hope he's alright.

Bomber fans are crazy. :lol:

And they would agree to! I know, I live in Winnipeg and I've been to every game they play the Eskimos for about the last 6 years. Plus I've just went to a bunch of other games just to watch the CFL.

I worked at Canad Inns last season (yes, part time just to watch the games) and there was always drunk confrontations. Security was usually on top of things but I suppose things can get out of hands quicker than others.
Actually at the Banjo bowl there was a Bomber fan painted blue who went up to a rider fan painted all green at half time and for the whole 15 minutes I watched them exchange insults. They just stood there coming up with lame insults such as: "Your just an inbred hillbilly!" "Yea? well my football team doesn't stink!" " yea?? haha well you stink!" "no I don't! you do!". But usually it doesn't get alot furthur otherwise the rent-a-cops step in.

yes/ jerks+alcohol at sporting events = morons
When will teams realize this is not the way to go! Do not get me wrong there are many that do not go to games to get blitzed but it is the ones that pass out or get high and mighty by half time that will be scrapping by game end. Yup most people go to games to watch but then there are some that go to see how much fun it is to be a slobbering drunk picking fights do you not just love it! :lol:

It is funny but I have seen a whole row of bomber fans arrested! They sure love the accomodations!

my god at the argos game last night in section 11 where i sit i honestly tell you this 25 people got kicked out for hurling insults at each other and chucking their beers at one another almost starting a brawl and the same thing is was that an 85 year old lady was one of them :roll:

Well the formula is for even the older fans as well! But I am sure this happens at every stadium!

The Winnipeg Sun
Sat 26 Aug 2006
Page: 6
Section: News
Byline: BY STAFF

A man was taken to hospital last night after he was punched in the head while leaving the stands at the Blue Bombers game.

A witness said the man wasn't expecting the punch, which came as he was walking down a flight of stairs with friends.

"Some guy just absolutely cold-cocked him," said one witness. "I don't know what the root cause was. It's just unfortunate because there was families around."

Paramedics stabilized the man's neck before placing him on a stretcher and taking him away.

Police arrested a woman wearing a vintage Bombers jersey. She staggered as officers led her away from the scene. A witness said at least one man was also taken into custody.

Police were questioning at least six witnesses last night.

Does that have anything to do with it.

I remember a couple years ago, I was at a Edmonton @ Winnipeg game in Canad Inns Stadium, and with about 5 minutes left in the game, this one Bomber fan threw a bottle of beer (I don't know he got it in there) and it clocked some old woman in the head. She was severly injured, blood coming from her head and stuff.

Two police officers grabbed the guy by his arms and legs and carried him down the stairs. Meanwhile, someone grabbed his Jets hat and he was going crazy. "GIVE ME MY JETS CAP BACK!!!! HE STOLE MY CAP!!"

It was pretty crazy and sick of how a person could do something like that.

And let's not forget the drunken Bomber fan who rushed the field and attempted to tackle a B.C. player during the Western semi-final in 2002, only to have said player and Carl Kidd stomp on his head. :lol:

I miss the point here? you get 25,000 people cheering for different teams where beer is available and you will get a fight. We were in a bar at the Calgary Stempede and saw some poor schnook just get peppered. You put contraversay and beer together = disagreement and sometimes severe. Not saying Winnipeg is better, but again probably not worse. It came from the Sun!!!

hey, it happens everywhere, i got beer poured on my head at a bc game for cheering for the bombers! at least we're not as bad as some of the soccer hooligans!!!

Hey thanks for the post, RiderzFan2006. That is definately the incident that I saw the aftermath of. I only read the Free Press, so I didn't see that article, the free press didn't seem to have anything about it.

I am not trying to make light of this situation, but in addition to alcohol which is likely responsible, most fans were angry at the team's performance, and part of me wonders if the anger at the team kind of spilled over.

I remember the lady getting hit with a bottle too, that was a shameful display. That game made the Bombers greatly increase security at the stadium.

I also remember the fan who ran on the field in the 2002 playoff victory over BC. He got the crap beat out of him by Carl Kidd, which is exactly what anyone who runs onto the field during a game deserves.

I’m just wondering which stadiums sell beer in the stands. In Regina you have to make an effort to get it. It seems that you have to get your own in Calgary as well. In Edmonton they push it in the stands and they don’t seem to care how drunk the buyer is. What is the situation in other stadiums?

Yeah in Winnipeg they have guys coming through the stands with big beer tanks on their backs. So you don't have to make much of an effort to get it lol.

One more thing...I was actually at a game in Regina that was the first game that beer was ever sold at Taylor Field. I believe that it was their 1992 season opener, also the first game Doug Flutie played as a Stampeder. Amazing that it happened so recently.

They sell it in the stands as well in Calgary!

Well you are right there can be a few fights in night clubs at the Stampdede but at the ranchmens it is every Friday and Saturday night! The fact that you have 25 to 30 thousand fans at one sight that have the potential disagreement means high chance of fighting! You know the term instant A$$hole just add beer.

BC Place you have to use effort lol, force yourself out of your seat and go buy yourself a drink, the only thing I have seen being sold in the stands is liquorice, bottles of water and peanuts :wink:

Count yourself lucky. Commonwealth outlawed peanuts this year because the season ticket holding parents of some kid (singular, not plural) is allergic.

I asked if they'd also outlaw wasps since I'm allergic to them, but I haven't heard back.

So now when you come to Commonwealth, the guards search your bag for peanuts as well as beer. Apparently pot is okay, though, judging by how my neighbours smelled after halftime at the last game.