Fifth Quarter with Ted Michaels ....

.... stay tuned to 900 chml - right after the game "wrap-up".

It's likely the best Post Game radio show, and Ted Michaels is definitely one of "The Best".

It's coming up in 4 minutes ...

Oh yeah ... Great job 'Cats!

Woody is on the radio right now!


i think i must have missed that.

He did good of the better callers....

what did he ask/say? i dont remember hearing him

And I also missed that. It's just another reason I'd like to see CHML podcast shows like these. That "Rebirth of the Tiger-Cats" documentary was quite good, so perhaps it's CHML, not this site, that should consider podcasting.

it was available online… i just didn’t know it was woody… lol

AS long as you talk about what he wants to talk about or agree with what he has to say

AS long as you talk about what he wants to talk about or agree with what he has to say
This was a major downfall of the show last year whenever anyone would comment on a player negatively.

I heard Woody, and I was on the show too!!!

i dont know how everyone loved the fith quarter last year because i hated it. I dono why Ted Michaels just bugs me somethimes.

Not speaking for Ted here but I did chat with him at training camp the first week and he said he was going to try to get as many callers on the air as he could this year....he likes talking football but would rather banter back and forth with the callers/fans themselves. Being a news guy he has to be neutral when doing the news during the day but when it comes to his Tiger-Cats, he can get 'down and dirty' with the rest of us fans...and yeah, he's not afraid to spout off..... :lol: ...I think he's a hoot and moves the show along well......he also has a knack for getting the key opinions out of the callers if you notice....Ted and Woody had an awesome exchange on the show last night... :stuck_out_tongue:

A few years back, the hosts, although good, seemed to keep callers on hold forever while they chatted amongst themselves and wasted the show (as far as fans getting their say).

I think the Fifth Quarter has been great since the change last year as has the Sunday Tiger-Cat Show which he hosts.......tomorrows show (at 12 noon) should be great, with us having just creamed the Argos and all.....Bam!

why does this post not surprise me/

sorry...I missed your point Fleming Girl

The “Rebirth of the Tiger-Cats” is just one of the items included in our new podcasts.

Looks like you got your wish, BYF... lol

I listened because it made me laugh.

I dunno about how people listen to radio play-by-play on the CHML station. I was listening to the pre-season game and there was so much dead air time it wasn't even funny, even 620 CKRM for the Riders game is way better!

(I had to say that even if it has nothing to do with the fifth quarter, because it wasn't worth a new topic)

Yes, it looks like I got my wish. Although I would have liked to have had the fifth quarter from the previous week made available as well, I am quite grateful that this was done.

And thanks to this, I am listening to the fifth quarter form last week right now. It was funny to hear our caretaker mention the quarterback depth thread here. Maybe he wants more feedback on that. :slight_smile: