Fifth Quarter is

[url=][/url] (go to "listen live")


phone 905-645-3221

cell *9900

I can't access it. This is a good thing. :wink:

It was said earlier on that individuals in this organization will be listening to what is said on the fifth quarter. They didn't say who though.

do they have a toll-free number, im long distance tonight.

don't think so..but they will pay for your collect call....(if you get's busy)

Whos this host hes just blowing off some of the callers lol.

He did say there were many people calling in and the show will end at 11:30. They are trying to get as many people to get their $0.02 in.

And will we hear from Ron Lancaster?

Acually, he's not.....he's letting them vent and giving each caller extra time for their rants.....he's being respectful by not arguing with them.....

alot of people are fired up tonight, this team is a circus.

This show could go all night and the phone lines would be full… Lol

kahill hill will be here on on labour day - one little flicker of light

Well, I understand a similar radio show in Ottawa had calls come in all night after the Senators were eliminated from the playoffs one year. And how many people were left waiting a long time to get their opion in only to not get through before 11:30?

It was said on TSN that the Winnipeg radio shows would have had all kinds of callers vent frustration. But in tonight's game, there were more than two bad coaching decisions...

they should extend this show today for at least 4 hours.

was this confirmed on the show i couldnt bare to listin to it