FIFA women's world cup 2019

getting so close I can smell it. So looking forward to it. All games at 12 PDT or earlier so no conflict with NHL or CFL.

based on the 7 groups, I will be cheering in the first round for…

Most favorite teams in all Caps

Group A - Norway, Korea Republic (South Korea)
Group B - SPAIN, South Africa
GroupD - ARGENTINA, Japan
Group E - CANADA, New Zealand
Group F - Sweden, Chile

four 3rd places winner to move on


Hated teams

France, Germany, China, England, Netherlands and USA

Let the games begin.

It was nice to finally watch a game. Too bad France won tho, but it was expected.

a real Canada’s Team is playing Camaroon right now. 1-0 after 45

Yes but we have to thank TFC of the MLS no way these girls would know what a soccer ball would look like without MLSE telling them about this new unique game here in Canada . :smiley:

There only playing soccer because they watched a mens Canadian pro team most likely in Toronto and discovered this kicking the ball game . :slight_smile:


and its a 1-0 win for Canada.

Would have liked more scoring but it was a good game none the less.

My favorite player is Chapman

Not into soccer too much but go Team Canada women!

Solid job by Canada. Cameroon parked the bus and made things physical, but Canada got the result they needed.

…13-0 for the US over Thailand…I know goal differential is a thing to strive for, but man, talk about piling on…

any time USA wins, it is a bad thing, no matter the score.

however, in any sport, a team should strive every second to score as much as possible.

I hope USA used up most of their allotted goals

And this reaction by the American captain on the goal that made it 9 - 0? How disrespectful to your opponent can you be.

I think maybe its more individual in that each goal scored means something for the person that scored it. Even so, maybe the team as a whole could have toned it down some.

All people who excessively celebrate are saying is that they aren’t used to success.

Teams shouldn’t stop scoring, but celebrations should get toned down after awhile.
I get if its your first world cup goal, but 9th goal was a veteran player who has played a number of world cup and olympic games.
10th goal was another veteran who turned and started counting her goals on her fingers.

These are reactions you would expect from kids in a game.

We will see if karma bites them.

Then again, soccer is known for its over the top celebrations.

Don’t think the US team and supporters learned anything from the criticism though. All reactions seem to ignore the fact people were mostly complaining about the celebrations. Most realize when you are in a competition where goal difference counts, teams will run up the score. Instead the coach deflected that if it was the mens team, nobody would complain. and again focused on the goals.

Canadian TV analyst apparently has received death threats on social media when she pointed out negatives in regards to the celebrations.

Agreed, wasn’t necessary and from recollection I think there was also something during one of the last WC involving the same US team?
No class.
It reminds me of kids hockey when my were playing usually the vast majority of coaches would instruct the team to avoid this but every once in a while there was an idiot coach on another team that couldn’t help himself.

Defeating your opponent is one thing… showing them and taunting them is quite another… as much as wins & losses are important, so is sportsmanship & class and Team USA showed neither, but given their history, it really should not be too surprising at all. Shame on them for showing poor sportsmanship… I hope it comes back to haunt them… losing would look so good on them…

I am very anti usa, at least when it comes to international sports. For what its worth, I did come across an article where Morgan was comforting a crying Thailand player after the game.

…while she whispered “can you believe it? five goals! five!”

…in any case, the yanks are not backing down on their display, even going out of their way to defend their actions a day later…sets up for some drama down the road maybe…

Perfect! :smiley:

They were totally classless females. But considering their source what else could you expect?