FIFA Article on CFLers take on upcomming U20 World Cup

I love the way international sports reporting is done with such dignity. Anyone who has every watched Sky Sports can testify to this. Notice the respect payed to the distinctivness of the CFL. It is described as being a "distant cousin" of American football where it may have been easier to describe it as a lower-level, smaller or lesser league of the same sport to an international audience generally unaware of its existance.

I don’t have any problems with that description. It is a distant cousin of the NFL, whose games developed concurrently and independantly.

With NFL teams receiving $100 million from their TV contract and CFL teams $1 million, the CFL could be described as the smaller, lower level and the lesser league in comparison. Like Irish Hurling, which may be popular in its home country is scarcely known abroad.

According to Trival Pursuit, Jai Alai was the most popular sport in the world, or whatever. It’s not big in N.A. though. So the lack of International awareness of the CFL doesn’t bother me much. Although they are missing out on some great football!