FIFA 2023 womens world cup

Have for the most part been really enjoying watching and cheering for our women’s team this century. However, lately the lack of scoring is becoming less entertaining and satisfying. Another 0-0 game. sigh. They might not even make it to the round of 16 .

The US beat Vietnam 3 - 0 and this morning watching England up 1 - 0 on Haiti

Its only game one for team canada, but disappointed in the play. I have watched this team ever since sinclairs early years, and it is shocking to see how hard it is for this team to get a shot on net let alone score.
Hopefully, fleming will be back and any jitters will be gone for the next game.


14 shots, 2 on target. Pathetic.

Spain in their game, 46 shots, 14 on target.

Cmon Bev, do something about this already

Unfortunately from what I’ve seen, this tournament is a classic case of “don’t believe the hype”.

I’m not sure what It’s like in North America, but the UK TV pundits and commentators seem to be falling over themselves trying to pump up this World Cup, how amazing the players are, what wonderful skills etc.

When in reality, you have players who seemingly struggle to even pass to a team-mate, not particularly great tactical awareness and large passages of slow, scrappy play.

The one-eyed supporters will of course have their ready-made excuses e.g. “look at the full stadiums!” - but how much of that attendance is bulked out by very cheap and/or giveaway tickets?

Plus you have the added problem of New Zealand potentially tumbling out in the first round

there are a lot of amazing players. Canada has many but are not coached to score goals. Spain has many and are better coached. I am enjoying most of the games I am watching. It is not all about scoring, just should include a little more scoring. Lots of otherwise great entertainment.

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Yeesh! :canada: Canada gives up a goal to Ireland in the first 4 min. :scream:

And just like that Canada scores in stoppage time at the half
to tie it up 1-1 in the pouring rain

Christine Sinclair didn’t play in the 1st half

Two goals by Ireland but it’s 1 - 1 :+1:

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This is pretty much a must win for Canada

At the half

Canada up 2-1!
Great goal! :canada:

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Canada dominating now

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Sinclair coming in in the 2nd half has made a Huge difference!
10 minutes left



Fantastic result today with Nigeria defeating host Australia earlier today in our group
Now all Canada is a tie or better in their next game vrs Australia
Not an easy task, but, at least they know what they need to advance

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not sure this was good for Canada. A Nigerian loss would have meant that Canada losing to Australia would not have automatically eliminated them

And this just came out

And Canada Soccer says they don’t have the $$$ for soccer

Canada :canada: crushed by the home country Aussies 4-0


2 goals in 3 games and 1 was an own goal.

When is this coach gonna do something about the continuous lack of scoring.

I liked the old coach, too bad he moved on, he recognized talent. The team just doesn’t seem to be motivated under this new guy.