Has anyone wondered if the new field turf has been a contributing factor to all the injuries in the CFL. If I am not mistaken, Calgary and BC also have the turf, and we suffered some doozie injuries there as well!


no i don't think so, that has nothing to do with it. If anything it helps with not getting injured, because it's softer. I play saskatoon kinsmen football and we play on turf, and it's a lot better than grass.

Speaking of Field Turf, why did all the teams(exept edmonton, because they are grass) switch from astro turf to field turf in tha last 3 or 4 years? is it better somehow?

It is Way better then astroturf. Astroturf is basically that indoor outdoor crap layed over concrete. No give at all.

Here's one example comparing the two products.
Injury specific: ACL. per 100 games.(football)
Field Turf = 1.4
Natural Grass = 6
Artificial Turf = 40

[url=] ... ral-grass/[/url]

I've played soccer on both (i know different sport but theres still alot of later movement and slide tackles) and i can assure you Field turf is 100 times better than astro turf. It allows you to wear the same cleats that you can on grass (although the cleats with the rectangular spikes have been known to get cought in the joints of the field turf). It disapats (sp) water better than the other two as well. The traction on it when wet is only slightly worse than when dry and doesn't give out like wet natural grass. Anyone that has gotten turf burn will like feild turf becuase not only does it simulate the softness of grass but theirs also rubber matting underneath it.

The only knock i have against Field turf is that in a hot feels like your standing barefoot on metal its so hot...other than that i love the stuff.

oh and sorry i ment lateral movement not later do know you can edit your own posts to correct errors such as that, right? :wink:

ya just didn't notice it till after...sorry

Fieldturf is such an amazing development in the reduction of injuries.

Thanks tips...

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