Fielding the ball

Can someone please chat with Armstead ? He continues to be in front of the ball, on EVERY punt and has to back up, try and field the ball and then has to take 2 or 3 steps backwards. Yesterday he actaully lost yards after fielding a punt and the Montreal player was back the required 5 yards and by the time he regain his balance he lost 3 yards from where he caught the ball. That is brutal.
His high school coach should have taught him this and now I guess it falls on Charlie's shoulders.

My beef is more with the fact that no-one provides any blocking for him...or for Curry...or for Walker...or for Yeast...or for Flick or for anyone else we've ever tried back there in the last 3 to 4 years.

Our "blockers" are seen to be running alongside the opposing players. ???

Our kick return game is pathetic.
By far the worst in the league.

Thank you wallace, you see the light.

Its not that hard to see why the return games sucks.

And yes if you ask WALKER, CURRY, ARMSTEAD they will all tell you the same reason. Even the people that did it in the past and had success didnt do it alone.

I agree that our blocking is terrible, yet why is it so hard to stand a few yards back and run up to field a kick? For crying out loud, it gives you a running start on your return, and you can draw no-yards penalties.

They are told where to stand to field a kick.
And when you are told to return a kick its not smart to run up to a kick, factor the weather and blocking. So each returner is told to stand ground ( look for a open ) then catch and run.

Thanks for clearing that up, cmw. Obviously it's a coaching problem where the coaches can't see a punter kicking the snot out of the ball...