Fieldgoal kicking contest at EACH game

I wouldn't mind seeing a fieldgoal kicking contest using the same rules as that Wendy's fieldgoal contest (3 kicks, the 3rd is worth double the points).

Each team in the league has a designated fan that travels with them to do that Wendy's kicking contest. If Calgary plays at Toronto, a fan from Calgary flys to Toronto and faces the designated Toronto fan kicker. All eight teams participate. Each kicker is required to wear their team's jersey for the contest.

Keep standings. The playoffs for the Wendy's kick contest, would have to be separate. The six playoff kickers would meet on the Saturday at the Grey Cup site where it would be videotaped with all eight cheerleader squads and lots of fanfare. The six team kicker bracket would begin and end on the weekend of the Grey Cup.

Fairly unrealistic expectation to fly a fan to 18 (well, 9) games. 9 * 8 = 72 x 2g game in expenses = 144K begore prizes

No way

where does this outlandish thought arise from

Even if I was picked I wouldn’t be able to fly to all those games. I couldn’t get all that time off work.

In my opinion it's a very neat idea, but as pointed out, it's realistically not very possible