Field Turf!

......Jim Barker noted on the Mike Richards show this morning that McMahon will be outfitted with Field Turf before the start of the '06 campaign. The worst turf in the league will finally head off to the dump where it belongs...

......hmmm, wonder if Mrs. RedandWhite would agree to redo the rec room floor with the turf coming out?.............

Going to have to add that idea to my dream house list.
Good Idea
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Serriously, I thought our turf was fairly new. What is wrong with tit? Do we still pay the so called "Turf Tax" on our tickets, or is time really passing by quickly?
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:? :D

......hehehehe Beavis, he said tit...........

.........seriously though 78, the existing turf is old both in age and technology.........and is the cause of turf-related injuries.......if you played one or two games on it big deal, but to put your own players on it for 10 games a year is taking a big risk......

Ted Hellard announced this a few weeks ago on if anybody wishes to ask questions to Ted he is a regular at that site.

I believe it is one of the worst artifical turfs in Canada at the momment and yes the old astro turf style is hard on players bodies. Now only if Edmonton would replace their tundra.

Tundra, I thought it was a sand pit? I dont think the grass actually grows.. More like a moss type of thing, Or maybe mold.... Licheen?

You missed muskegg Just maybe this is how they can offrd their free agents by saving money on real football turf. As of now though I would prefer to play on the tundra then on the astro turf at McMahon because of the injuries it causes.

How do the Esks save money by however they tend the natural turf? Seems to me that the most inexpensive way to maintain a field is to just roll the carpet out. no need for cutting or watering just hose down.

Capital expenditures, is what he is refering to.
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