Field Turf release

McMahon Stadium Selects FieldTurf
FieldTurf continues to dominate the CFL, as the worldwide leader in the artificial turf industry is selected to replace the aging Astroturf at McMahon Stadium.

The McMahon Stadium Society announced that FieldTurf has been chosen as the new artificial turf playing surface scheduled for installation at the historic Calgary landmark during the spring of 2006.

"We look forward to working with FieldTurf on this project and are confident that the end result will accomplish our goal of providing a 'state-of-the-art' playing surface at McMahon," said Daryl Birnie, McMahon Stadium Society President.

FieldTurf is currently in use by four other CFL teams - the Ottawa Renegades, Montreal Alouettes, Toronto Argonauts and BC Lions.

FieldTurf was also the surface of choice for both the 2004 (Ottawa) and 2005 (BC) Grey Cup Games. Toronto's Rogers Center and BC Place both use a new removable turf system, also from FieldTurf.

"Everyone at FieldTurf is excited about being associated with McMahon Stadium and the Calgary Stampeders," said John Gilman, FieldTurf CEO. "John Haverstock, McMahon Stadium Manager, and his team have done an exemplary job studying all of the turf systems available before making their decision. We are pleased, though not surprised, that they have selected FieldTurf."

In addition to its growing popularity in the CFL, FieldTurf has already established itself as the turf of choice in the National Football League.

Twenty-three of the NFL’s thirty-two teams currently use FieldTurf at their stadiums and / or practice facilities. This February’s Super Bowl XL in Detroit will be played on FieldTurf, the first time the Super Bowl will be contested on an infilled artificial turf system.

The NFL Players Association recently conducted a survey of all NFL players who were asked to rank all of the leagues' stadium fields on a variety of factors, including playability, safety, etc. The NFL players ranked FieldTurf fifth out of thirty-two, ahead of 15 of the league’s 19 natural grass fields.

Three Major League Baseball teams used FieldTurf at their stadiums in 2005. FieldTurf was also the first artificial turf product approved by FIFA (soccer’s world governing body) for World Cup play and FieldTurf is the turf of choice at stadiums around the world.

FieldTurf is the result of years of research and continued testing. A portfolio of patents protects the many unique inventions that deliver a playing surface that emulates natural grass. FieldTurf's patented infill mix of silica sand and cryogenic rubber, along with its patented layering, improves player safety, reduces maintenance costs and provides facility management flexibility for conversion. FieldTurf enables stadium managers to quickly change the field from one sport to another or to easily host shows, concerts, sporting or other special events directly on top of the FieldTurf surface.

I thought Hamilton and Winnipeg had it too...or is it a different brand name?

Yes it is a different brand.

i like hamiltons and winnipegs better than torontos or BC's....i wonder what brand those are?

spring '06 i had heard that they were not going to do it till after the '06 season guess i was wrong

i also heard that they were going to build a new club house and put a bubble over the field in the winter (after the season is done)

did anyone else hear that