Field Question

I'm watching Als-Sask and am noticing something that i find very distracting that alos applies to the field surface at IWS. Is there any way you can get rid of those yellow soccer lines? they're very distracting and aesthetically unpleasant. Any one know?

Many times those lines are stitched into the field -- it IS McGill's stadium after all.

Same applies to IWS -- the lines are on a field in a stadium owned by the city.

Soccer governing bodies in Canada and FIFA also demand these lines to be in place in compliance with standards for tournament events to be held in these stadia.

If these were purely privately-owned, football-only facilities, it would be a different outcome.

Oski Wee Wee,

Maybe they could have somebody sponsor a computer that ERASES those lines from the field for TV

Okay, I confess, I don't like computer generated first down lines.

I can see that. "This line removal was brought to you by..."

But some might consider the real eyesore the advertising on the field. This kind of ad blocking might something some people might want. I can see that now. "Ad blocking has been brought to you by (insert name of company that competes with those that advertise on the field.)" :slight_smile:

But seriously, the first down line is fine with me, with all those other lines on the field.

Actually FIFA will not sanction a competitive match unless the field is pristinely devoid of any markings other than those required for a soccer pitch. For stadia with football and soccer markings stitched in, there is no possibility of staging a major FIFA sanctioned event without bringing in a temporary playing surface.

I’m not sure if Montreal has permanent football lines but I definitely know Hamilton’s football and soccer markings are stitched right in.

Montreal's where Field Turf was invented so the Als had one of the very first fields. Just a guess, but I'd think they have the lines stitched right in.

I totaly agree! those lines drive me Insane! is that not what the feald beside it is for! Soccer! and theres a bunch around the city! I know none with the compasity of IWS but still!:stuck_out_tongue: I dont see no soccer guys on the wall of fame!