Hey everyone, i thought it was last year when we were going to get the endzone and midfield art in to the field or painted on...did that idea fade away? I think it would look great if it can happen this season, It really shows that its OUR house!

Thoughts? Rumours?

I think it would look really cool if we put the leaping tiger in each endzone.

I agree, and that ticat face at midfield, or maybe in the endzone that new ticat font saying "Hamilton" in one endzone and "Tiger-Cats" in the otherone

IWS belongs to the city, so i dont know if its the ticats decision to make....

but i too would like to see the leaping tiger at centre field, and the words 'tiger-cats' in the endzones.

Agreed that it would be “really cool” to have a Tiger-Cat painted on the field.
The big problem is that “the field” belongs to the City of Hamilton, not to the Cats.
Sure, some agreement might be reached, but there are more important uses for Bob’s money than painting city property.

the field is field turf i believe and can not be painted,all the logo's,line's and such are actually sewn in an are permanent

which is false, because winnipeg and calgary have the same turf…winnipeg has painted blue endzones and calgary is painting thiers red next season.

From what I can make out from a number of "Field Turf" web sites I looked at, it seems everyone is a bit right.

It looks like the turf can indeed be painted but it is only temporary. Painting can be used for advertising or when the field has different uses, such as switching from football to soccer etc., or special events.

For long term markings such as team logos and permanent field markings, they have to be specially made and sewn on as part of the field.

To be honest, none of the web sites was overly clear on the markings and I had to visit a number of sites to try and piece together what was intailed. Chance I might have interpreted the information incorrectly.

Guessing the installment of "Leaping Tigers" would involve a large financial outlay and permission from the City as well.

Ivor Wynne has AstroPlay, not FieldTurf. It's apparently a bit different in terms of field markings. I'm not sure exactly what those differences are, but it required that the yard lines be stitched in permanently, which means they can't host FIFA-sanctioned soccer events (at least from what I understood).


You are correct. It was AstroPlay, from Montreal area, that won the contract. As you said, I can recall the local soccer community being up in arms because the field could not be converted to a soccer pitch. They stood to lose any chance of hosting any major soccer tournament or event. This was because as you say all markings had to be sewn into the field. Thanks for jogging my memory.

Good thing it's not "another" substance that begins with "Astro"... :o