Field Goals

Congi 23/25 = 92% (15 in a row).

Riders kickers combined 25/36 = 69%.

I'm just sayin'. :x

I'm happy for Congi, he was a great Rider and in hindsight I think they would have liked to keep him around. The play of Milo last year really sealed Congi's fate though.

Ultimately I think we'll see Milo doing both duties again before the year is out, DeAngelis has been hot and cold in there.

Isn't Sandro's average still better than Milo's, despite the misses?
I would like to make them all too, but it isn't like he is missing a bunch of chipshots... Still... Probably not the percentages we were hoping for from either kicker.

Milo wasn't missing chip shots either, he had missed one inside the forty, and the rest were out of the forty and fifty, which are tough kicks to make. They basically identically if you look at the break down, Milo missed a few more from outside the 50 then Sandro I believe.

I would rather have our young kicker work through his struggles instead of bringing in a guy would is doing almost the same thing. Saying that, both kickers need to improve greatly!

Or they could have, you know ... KEPT CONGI!

Keeping Congi would have been a gamble, no doubt about it. Most kickers wouldnt come back after suffering an injury like Congi's. Good on him that he kept fightign, and I hope his career is a long one.

This needs to get better. This hasn't really cost us huge, just yet.

In Montreal it would have been great to add 6 points. What made those 40+ yard misses even worse was not stopping good returns. Both times they had good returns and we couldn;t even get them on field position.

Talk about Congi all you want. He's gone. I wish we still had Cary Koch too but he's gone!

Hindsight is they were hoping Milo could do all 3. Maybe not this year but you can bet they will look for a kicker that can do all 3.........preferably Cdn. Milo is young and I hope he steals his job back.

But hopefully down the stretch they start hitting 80% because the points are going to get harder to get.

I recall a kicker who had poo dumped on his neighbor's lawn because of some misses...look at him now. Milo is, imo, the long term plan...they simply threw too much responsability at him too fast. Personally I would have tried to bring in a Punter / kickoff guy and left Milo on FGs. He did fine when he was on FGs only last year. Kicking and punting are 2 totally seperate things...most kickers struggle for consistancy when doing is the same as playing lots of golf, then going out and playing is a similar motion and muscle and reflex memory is a hard thing to control.

It cost the Riders HUGE in Montreal, HUGE in Week 4 against the Cats and HUGE again in Week 5 in Calgary.

McCallum was different. He missed ONE kick after 11 years of fine service. I said it the day he was shown the door, the Riders were a worse team for losing him.

Milo and DeAngelis have missed TONS of kicks within mere weeks, many with the game on the line.

With the inconsistance of Milo and now DeAngelous at FG kicking do the riders have any import free agents on the radar to at least bring in to ad some late season competition.Those two FGs missed were not chip shots but were still very makeable especially in the 4th qtr of a close were points were a premium. He seemsed to miss them pretty badly. It looked as if he was finding his groove their over the labor Day DH. Hopefully it was just a couple of bad hits on the ball and he will continue getting more consistant. If he bombs this week I do not think they have any choice but to look to possibily an Import Free agent out of work,
I can not think of any Canadians that would be available to come in. If any one knows if I am missing someone who could e available I get think of any

Aaron Ifield
Honestly...can not figure out why he is not playing.

I know he has had several tryouts since he was CIS all canadian Kicker in 2012, ironically Milo was the all canadian punter that season. Did the Riders have him in at all this season for tryout yet i do not remember him being in training camp.

It would be a tough spot for a kicker who has never played in the CFL but if DeAngelous does not do well this week that brings the CFL to the last third of the season so looking at kicker now would be a good idea for the last 6 games.

Any imports that they have show interest in that are interested in the CFL who may be looking for a job

19 straight.

It is getting harder and harder to find kickers to do both. As someone mentioned they are two completely different things. I also agree that they through to much at Milo to fast. He may never be able to do both effectively. from 40 to 50 needs to be almost automatic for a team to be successful. If DeAngelous continues to not be consistant they will need to make a deceision. The possibility of letting MILO just do the place kicking may be an option

milo place kicking only and bring eddie johnson back to punt? I LIKE IT!

But Milo is a terrific punter and a lousy FG kicker.


I don't care if it's one guy or two guys, but if you really want 1 guy, Eddie can do it, you'll just have to burn an import spot.

Right now the Riders have two major weak spots on their team. On is at NI Receiver. Bagg was the #3 receiver when they where winning then he got hurt and the problems started. Sisco was able to sustain a spot as a soli #5 receiver and the Riders were still playing well when he went down McHenry is starting and Hargraves is back up. teams do not even pay much attention to either on the field and it take very little to cover them.
second id consitant FG kicking bring the best available import burn a Designated Import spot and keep Milo as the punter unless the riders know something that no one else knows about deangelous that he will become consistant in hitting 40 plus yard FGs.
They may have their hands tied at NI receiver due to injury but there are import kickers better than deangelous whoare available. Toronto grabbed on in Waters and there FG kicking went from worst to near the top.
A consitant FG kicker able to make 40-50 yard fgs is essential.
Other wise the Riders have made the changes that make them solid at every position as soon as they get Carr in the line up they will have that Tall juno Ball reciever and he will draw attention as a solid #3 receiver.