Field Goal Success Rate by Angle?

How much does the angle of a kick affect the success rate of a kicker when kicking field goals?

I would expect the success rate to be higher from the middle than from the hash marks, but I'm wondering if that's actually true, and if so, how much. If it's not true, is it more or less even, or is it the opposite?

Also, if there is a difference, is the difference more pronounced closer to the goal line or further from it?

dont know for sure but it probably depends on the kicker, some are probably better from the angles than others and some are probably better from the head-ons than others.

From a purely geometrical perspective, it would depend on the distance, as the angle at the hashmarks decreases the further out from the goal line you are. A field goal from the hashmarks on the 48 yard line is about a 10 degree angle, and only 48.8 yards. But a convert (kicked from the 12 yard line) on the hashmarks it a 35 degree angle and is really a 14.7 yarder.

According to one of the amateur kickers on this forum, however, there is a difference. Which leg you kick with may also affect which side you prefer to kick from. Is it a real difference or just psychological? No idea. Are there stats to back it up? Wouldn't even know where to start looking.