Field Goal Kicking

Maybe my pass went 73 feet, and my punt went 78.. I can't remember

It was exactly the midway point of a soccer field. I was a very fast runner, no one in my neighborhood, school, etc, near my age, was faster, and I hit it in stride at full speed. I also had strong legs from excessive biking up hills and such.

but you will just have to take my word for it....... or not

and actually, I was a very small kid. At age 19, when I went into the army, I was 5'8" and 135 lbs

Never could throw for any distance, but I was a great punter if I do say so myself. Cant say from memory how far I punted, but I think by age 13 that it was anywhere from 25 to 35 normally, maybe a little more on a good day.

Played lots of the game Yards and almost always won.

Football skills, soccer, running…the only things I was ever worth a damn at. sigh

These records would indicate that you were pretty damm good. ... -and-kick/

not as much as I would like

that punt record of almost 45 yards is probably at least 5, if not 10 yards longer than most of my punts at that time.

The kick of 50 yards and 5 ft is about what my one kick went by the time the ball landed. However, that guy probably did so often where I only did it once. At least my kick went dead centre over the goal post.

Thing with punting. I never was trained to kick like a pro. I just did it by instinct. With training, I think I might have been a contender 8)

Todays Kickers have so many more advantages, better coaching, training , video and they work at it all year round. Just like goaltending in hockey and how great everybody thought it was in the 70's and 80's. It was awful compared to today's standards.

Another thing I remember about Cutler.

He had this ritual were he always came out on the same yard line. I think it was the 35. Not sure.

my 3 favorite kickers


Is it the goaltending that is so much better in today's hockey or the quality and size of the equipment?

I think the measurement for success for a field goal kicker has changed the most over the years on the offensive side. I think the kickers are better because the game has put more emphasis on it and created demand for more training, more athletes taking it up.

Running Backs probably the least changes in measuring success. 5.5 yards per carry was the goal in the 60's and is still the goal today for most. Cornish at 6.8 is abnormally high as was Willie Fleming's average of 7+ way back when.

QBs seem to need greater ball security now than in the past. No longer are interceptions as easily ignored as was seemingly the case with the McManus' and Lancasters etc. Accuracy is set at 60 % completion rate now as the target compared to 52% or so back a number of years ago. Offenses have shorter passes now, more intricate I suspect.

Not sure about how the receiver measurements for success have changed.

Well judging by last season, it has changed a lot... Basicly, drop 2 or three passes a game and your still gold

The guys train all year around, better diets ,in way way better shape. Everything evolves , same with kickers, they are bigger stronger and WAY more accurate.

No question Kasps.
Totally speculative but the level of skill. training and strength is so much higher now that 20-30 years ago. I think if you put the '80-'85 Eskimos juggernaut on the field now against the Stamps it would not be close. The athletes are just so much better now. In all sports. Not necessarily more enjoyable but more highly skilled.

For the time the CFL smaller rosters had to consider one kicker as the standard and balance FGs, Punting, and kickoffs into the eqauition. Having a seperate punter and Kicker usually involved a player able to play another position like back up QB or WR. Even the NFL teams at the time had smaller rosters and had looked for A back up QB that could punt or WR the same.

CFL teams are in the midst of different philosophies. There are way less do it all kickers that can meet the standards of the 80% for FGs. As well as the importance of Punting and deep kick offs.

JMO but I can see more National Kickers begin specializing a bit more towards punting if they cannot hit at the 80% needed. Bigger National roster and more DIs open up space where teams every team is considering an Import kicker especially as a FG kicker. 21 National spots gives room for one kicker for sure and even two now.
Having one guy meet the standards needed for 80% FGs, Directional punting, Big legged kick offs and punting, and even stretch to a guy who can hit from 50 yard FGs.

Osbaldison back awhile sent a long field goal as the TiCats beat Montreal for the East Final.

Perhaps the increased field goal accuracy is justification for moving the posts to the back of the end zone. Yes, that's twenty yards back, meaning a long fifty yarder would be scrimmaged from the 23 yard line instead of the current 43. But the odds of a missed long field goal being returned would be much less, given that the ball would be dropping very deep in the end zone, if not past it, so coaches might be more likely to attempt them. Percentages would drop back to the level they used to be, but is that so bad?

Also, one and two point converts could be scrimmaged from the same spot again.

Food for thought.