Field goal kicking league in the CFL

I'd like to see each team have a Wendy's Kick for a million dollars field goal kicking contest rules based league. It would be similar to a local darts throwing league you'd see at a bar.

Have a bunch of leagues for each day of the week.

Each player is scheduled to play another player each week, with standings kept data like in a local softball league.

Or how about a CFL Football endowment for any high schools for new equipment, field improvements like what the NHL has with the Kraft Hockeyville promotion. That's one way to get to grass roots.

The winner gets $100,000 in upgrades and an an exhibition game between two local CFL teams


Everyday people participating in kicking a ball threw the uprights? Funny you mention it, I passed by the field today to do just that, but theres still snow on the ground :frowning:

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Kicked one threw the uprights yesterday from the 30. :grinning: :+1:

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Remember the toy, Super Toe?!


You could use those rules. Have a spinner that determines your distance. In other words, there's some luck to the game.

You could get people like Terry Bradshaw to move their body to burn up some excess calories and build cardiovascular health if everyone has to get their kicked ball without assistance.