field goal kickers

Which team has the best field goal kicker in the league. Please don't anybody say winnipeg. I thibnk its Calgarys.

De Angelis is good... Duval is better...except for extremly long distances(55 yards plus) Congi would be either three or four interchangable with Setta. Then Pre...Then McCallum..... Then Vandershank... ....then Serna.

Paris WASN'T touched.

woops, wrong thread

this year, it's duval.

Don't forget about Congi, d&p, he has only missed one FG so far this year as well. I believe that there are 3 or 4 kickers you could say are the best-- Duval, Congi, Sandro and Prefontaine.

Man I think it's D'Angelis or Duval, but so hard to say they are all doing well. minus Winnipeg.

But still for some reason it's hard to hate Serna... Maybe it's because he can fit on the shelf with my unopened 1977 Star Wars action figures.

factual note: I don't have a shelf devoted to a movie that came out before I was born. Wish I did though I'd sell them all (minus Chewbacca (rasouli)) and be rich!

iunno serna started off so positive this year. and has gone right into the basement with the rest of the bombers.

but i say duval

i’d say luca congi

Congi is 16 for 17 longest 47 scored 69 points

Duval is 22 for 23 longest 52(with a 51 and 50) scored 93 points....

I say Duval