Field Goal Kickers and making Kicks

I do feel sorry for Duncan O'Mahoney because nobody wants to see him suffer like he is right now. However, he has one job and one job ONLY, and that is to kick the football between those two poles (goalposts) and over the crossbar when called on, and do this when called on at least 80-90% of the time. At present, he is the second worst kicker in the CFL, and with all the misses he's had, you can't blame Wally Buono for looking for another kicker. With all the close games in the CFL and the NFL, a bad field goal kicker could get the head coach to lose his job, and any coach will do whatever it takes to not let that happen.
I remember a kicker the New York Giants drafted out of Michigan called Ali-Haji Shiek, who kicked very well for them his first year, and then turned into Ali-Haj Shank the next year, so Bill Pacells got rid of him and went to an old standby, Matt Bahr, who kicked five field goals in the NFC Championship against the San Francisco 49ers, and the Giants won 15-13, went to the Super Bowl and won that game 20-19 versus the Buffalo Bills. You have to go with what works at the moment because kickers can have such an impact on the game, they almost have to be perfect.
Most coaches would go with a guy in a dress and high heels, wearing clown makeup, and singing Anne Murray songs if that made the ball go through the uprights on a consistant basis. I know, that creates an image in your minds that is NOT a pretty sight. but you get what I'm saying.
If Wally Buono wants to bring in the recently retired Calgary Stampeders kicker, especially with what has been currently happening, this guy should be kicking for the BC Lions right now. Losing can snowball and becomes more difficult to stop. All Wally needs is for Duncan O'Mahoney to miss a few more kicks against Winnipeg and the Lions lose again, and the fans in Vancouver will be screaming for Wally's head on a platter.

I'm sure he will be gone very shortly. With the great support the Lions are getting now, the fans won't put up with the Lions not going to someone else to get the job done. This is pro sports and that is just the way it goes.

alright good points made. And I feel sorry for duncan O’mahoney because he is struggling alot. He is a good veteran kicker who has done good in past year. ut him just like all the other veteran kickers are struggling this year. 4 veteran kickers are kicking under 40%. And all athletes go through slumps in their career. However it seems as tho all veteran kickers in the CFL are goin through slumps. In all rights if you fire Duncan O’mahoney for his kicking slump that means westwood, and other veteran kickers would go as well. I think ou hold off till the end of the season and test again next year. If he hasn;t imporved he can get cut then.

I can't beleive O'Mahoney said that he "may be out of work by wednesday", that just shows how much confidence his team has in him hey.

When you get pulled in favour of someone who's never played for the most important play of the game.. the writing's on the wall.

It is surprising how BC has won so many games, since there are fires burning within the personal and managment. Infighting between players and coaches, a team that doesn't trust their kicker, McCallum went through a little slump at the begginning of the season, but Barrett stuck with him and showed him that the team will be behind him.

When are tryouts??? I'll give it a shot!! :wink:

The Lions should load up for the playoffs in the kicker position, a trade with Winnipeg and they could have Troy WestWood…a very acurate kicker…!!

I know. I was in the stands during the 2001 Grey Cup when he missed three times and lost the game. Very accurate.

inside the body is better

u know what guys enough is enough about the kickers in this league. I got a PM from another member on the forums and he made alot of good points and i am goin to add to what he said. the kcikers spot on any team is probly the worst spot to play. the kickers practice by themselves, sit on the sidelines most of the game, and get called upon when in the most critical o situations. Now i wouldn't go around saying i'll give it a go. It is much harder then you think and kickers have to go through alot. Everyone wants them to be prefect, when nobody can be perfect. I think the kickers in this league need alot more repect then what they are getting. Unfortuantly in has been an issue through out the entire league this year and I feel bad seeing people rag on them. I kick for fun it is extremely challanging. Now I would like to see you go on the field and kick a game winning 45 yard field goal. Sounds easier then it really is. So give the kickers a break.

Kickers are the target in any football team in any league. I understand your sensitivity, I had to kick in high school, as well as many other positions. It was definatley the position I practised the most. I also play rugby, and some of those players can drop kick 40 yards easy.