I agree with you completely on Cortez's play calls up until the botched hold. I thought the onside kick and his calls after that to set up the field goal was classic. When TSN showed Hufnagle on the sidelines watching the field goal formation he knew the game was over and he would lose. He was not laughing because Cortez failed to kick a field goal on second down. Which shows me he would have done exactly the same thing as Cortez.
          Cortez has made few mistakes in the past but this series of plays was excellent.....and if not for the error would have been one of the Cats best come from behind wins ever. This kind of stuff gives me hope for the future.This is not the first time I have seen Cortez come up with some very good play calling.
            However.....if the abject failures of Creehan and his rigid, baffling schemes had been dealt with earlier in the season, I believe we would have wrapped up second place and a playoff spot already.

I'm not a big fan of Cortez but I can't fault him on this one. I think you just have to put this down to bad luck or fate as when you look at all the stats Calgary shouldn't even have been close let alone win. I guess the Cats just didn't take advantage of all Calgary's mistakes and Calgary made the Cats pay for all of theirs. The only stat that was lopsided in Calgary's favour were the penalties. I don't know what the final nembers were since they don't seem to show that stat here but the last count mentioned on the tube would have put it something like Cats 15 penalties and the Stamps 4. That really hurts.

Besides the field goal mess up I thought the offense and yes, the defense overall played well ...a big improvement over the past few weeks.Now somehow we need to squeak into the playoffs and this team just may surprise us all.

Why isn't Quinton Porter taking the snap anymore on field goal attempts? Having the back up quarterback take the snap allows for more options when things go wrong.

Fantuz held for Congi in Saskatchewan. That's why.

Porter did the holding when Andy was on the IR.

Eiben is an experienced holder as well.

Didn't matter who took the snap Cal defense were in the backfield and probably would have blocked the try anyway.

O.K. - here is my rant…

Forget about all the ‘could have’ and ‘should have’. I watched the replay of the field goal attempt.
Yes, the slippery field made it so it was hard to place the ball. I get that.

But can anyone explain what FANTUZ was thinking after the fact? What was the point of picking up the ball?
Was he going to throw it? Didn’t see that.
Was he going to run with it, for say 30 yards to TD? Not going to happen.

Why didn’t they have signals ( Congi-Fantuz ) in such cases, to just BOOT it anyway, even if the placement was bad?
There would have been at least a 50-50 chance of making it, whereas picking it up got you 0 chance of making it.


:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

the way the ball was slipping of the tee combined with where his hands were, there was less a chance that ball even got high enough off the ground to go over the players than there was that Fantuz could have made something else happen. If anything, he could have reacted faster and had a better chance of making something happen.

Just out of historical curiosity, when did they start using tees for field goals? Not sure I remember that from the old days. To me, it looked like the tee was where it all went wrong.