I agree there are many plays that could have changed the game, but everyone remembers the last play. Should have kicked the field goal on 2nd down, Fantuz would have known it was 2nd down and recovered the ball, then 3rd Down Congi would have made it or missed it, but at least they would have had another chance !!

After Jones recovered the onside kick, the first play was the long pass to Chris Williams down the sideline where he blew clear away from the defenders but couldn't maintain his balance tiptoeing down the sideline where he stepped out. Right then and there, I said, somehow they're going to blow this game because that Williams reception was a sure touchdown if he hadn't stepped out of bounds. Didn't know it would happen the way it did but I just had that sick feeling that the ending was going to be ugly.

If you’re thinking these guys weren’t motivated tonight, you couldn’t have been watching the same game I was.
There were a few costly mistakes, all of which cost us points, but overall the team played well and they didn’t quit.

Missed the game but from what I have read 7 turnovers including 4 INTs and we only mustered 8 points. Sounds like we lost this game long before a fumble FG snap. I will watch TSN VOD but it still sounds to me the same ineptness as always...snow or no snow. The winning team had to play in the same conditions.

Tough, tough way to lose the game after executing a perfect onside kick that passed the test of video review. So many things can go wrong with FG attempts.

  • lousy snap
  • poor ball placement
  • penalty
  • kicker slips and is off
  • ball hits the uprights or cross ball and doesn't make it
  • ball gets blocked
  • and anything else I might have missed

Fantuz has got to feel terrible but that's the way it goes. I'm sure his players feel for him. Like some of the guys here pointed out, there are a myriad of plays during the game that could avoided putting the Ti-Cats in this predicament in the first place. One that stands out for me is when the Cats intercepted the ball only to have the interception nullified by Peach's roughing the passer call. Calgary made the Cats pay for it by scoring a TD. Peach could have held back. The QB had already unloaded the ball but Peach decided to let Glenn know how much he cared about him by shoving him to the ground. That to me was undisciplined play. Fantuz's mishandling of the snap was not due to a lack of discipline but just one of those unfortunate things. Maybe his fingers were numb. Also even if he placed the ball perfectly on the T it doesn't mean Congi would have been successful. The chances are from that distance he would have but it wasn't an absolute given.

I thought the game was a very entertaining game. Congrats to both sides for a hard fought battle.

While I haven't been able to see a reply yet, the way I saw that play live on TV was Grant protecting the ball decently from the closest potential tackler and Calgary's Fred Bennett, came into the picture with a charging hard hit that was a direct helmet to ball effort that caused the fumble. I saw it as a great play by Bennett rather than poor ball protection on Grant's part. Again, I'd like to and will get to see a replay of what I thought was the game changer -- the incomplete pass to Giguere in the red zone, early in the second quarter. On one look I thought it bounced off Giguere's pads and should have been caught. Whether that's true or not, I certainly wasn't impressed to see Giguere make no attempt to get up and participate in the chase of the interceptor, Raymond.

I agree, heartbreaking loss. But a must-win game for the Cats with that many turnovers should never have come down to a field-goal attempt to win the game. Should have been won much earlier....

Totally agree with you tcfan!

I didn't think the guy was carrying it like a loaf of bread at all. The opponent laid on a great hit and this jarred the ball loose. I also don't think the ball carrier even saw him coming to give him enough time to squeeze the ball with both arms. Carrying the ball like a loaf of bread is how you see some QBs running down the field with the ball in hand but hanging "out there somewhere".

An entertaining game with a lousy ending. The FG wasn't a gimme in that weather so Cortez should've given the team 2 chances at making it. But they had chances for points long before that and blew it.

An Argo-Cat fan

The question has been asked why not kick on 2nd down in this case was because that wanted to run the clock all the was down to make it the last play. The other is why not Hamliton call a Time out to make sure everthing is perfectly set up is something they should have done. someone else could have cleaned off the kciking are instead of Fantuz whil fantuz would be able to warm up his hands and'or but on new dry gloves to ensure what happens did not happen.
Great game again by Hamiltonin a loss. The Peach Roughing penalty proved to be very large.

as many people here have already pointed out, going for the field goal on 2nd down is actually common practice in both leagues so it isnt actually as far fetched as some people seem to believe and Im sure many people were wondering and continue to wonder why that wasnt the call. What was pointed out by a friend of mine that I found rather unfortunate after the fact and no on has seemed to mention this on here as far as I can tell…is that maybe it wasnt such a good idea that the same guy (fantuz) clearing away the snow off the field with his hands, was the same guy trying to field such an important snap. Who knows if it actually affected the hold but I cant help but wonder if his gloves were more slick because of him using them to clear snow before the snap?

oh, nevermind lol...guess that was posted while I was writing mine

It is the little things lke that that make or break tams. Hamilton outplayed the Stamps in the second half and if not for peaces penalty then Glenn would of have another pick with Hamiton close. Everone knows what happens after a roughing penlaty continues a drive especially when there is a INT involved the Offense scores.
Glenn really struggled with the snow as his passes were mostly short with YAC yards creating the TD.
With the stamps sewing up 2nd place and no shot at first if tate is ready this would be a good chance to play him to see how he does and if he is the best QB.
If not gunslinger will get a start here giving Glenn a rest.

No coaching errors here. They did not attempt the field goal on 2nd as they wanted to run another 20 seconds off the clock AND perhaps more importantly place the ball on the left hash mark for Congi. it was just bad luck, the ball slipped off the tee. Great game boys. Now just win next week for the us and we can call it a season. For me, tears will be shed next week for sure at the old girl.

How come no mention of Tisdale muffing the guaranteed pick six inside Calgary's 10 yard line?

So many missed opportunities that would have put this game out of reach far earlier.

Kudos for them playing hard & never giving up, but this game should never have come down to a last second field goal. Calgary was giving them this game & the TiCats never capitalized.

Special mention of Brian Simmons. Did a great job versus Charleston Hughes. Notice who caught the Calgary player from behind on Bakari Grant's fumble? Mark my works, Brian will get the not for top TiCat offensive lineman.

Yup I agree that was the perfect way to do it, needed the clock to run down so the FG would have been a walk off and moving the ball to the more confortable hash for Congi. It all happend so fast that in hind sight anyone could suggest something different should have been done but it just came down to some bad luck in some difficult playing conditions.
It will be learning experience for coach Cortez that probably callin a time out would have been the best thing to do to make sure eeverything was perfect for the attempt. They knew they were going to kick the filed goal so Fantuz the holder should have been on the sidelines during those two runs preparing for the hold with some hand warming and dry gloves.
Like I said tough it all append so fast that a timeout would have been the best thing for Cortz to do in this situation I was a little surprised that they did not I was watching and waiting for hime to call the time out when the clock got down to only a few seconds. Certainly getting fantuz ready for the hold was just as important and a TO would have given him a chance while other players could have cleared the kicking spot for Congis

Sums up the game and what everyone was thinking, how many games has the comander and chief cost us...Montreal and Calgary come to mind.

ah yes Brian Simmons is a nice young Olineman for the Cats. with all of the craziness going on in the snowy surroundings Simmons has now put is name on the Map as a up and coming LT in the CFL. The most important spot on the Oline is thQBs blindspot which is LT for the mostly Right handed QBs. This game and the way he handled the All Star DE was his coming out and will help to establish him as one of the best at that position. The fact that he is only in his third pro season and second in the CFL with the Cats makes him a potential perenial All Star.
Good eye on this one

Let's put it to rest now and accept that if you wish to be critical, you will always take a contrarian point of view.

Cortez may have made a boo boo early in the first game of the season on a challenge but his decision making her was impecable. The second down play ate the clock so no time is left and further, it took the ball to the side of the field that Congi would prefer. As a right footed kicker, in such bad weather, it is easier and safer to kick from the side that the ball was on as opposed to from the far hash mark. So all was done properly.

Consider how the complainers would have been whining if we tried the field goal from the far hash, and Congi slipped and it went wide or was blocked, ughhh.

Consider how the complainers would really have been whining if we made the field goal from the far hash on the second down, but on the ensuing kick off, as had been done previously in the game, the Stamps returned it to our 45 yard line and with the strong wind, Paredes boots the game winning FG,...double ughhh

BOTTOM LINE: no coaching gaffes here, text book execution other than fluke mishandled ball. Cannot blame anyone, it is fate, but that ending may galvanize the troops because they can blot out the season today, but they can look into the mirror and say that at the end of the game, they played with heart, passion and determination, and only fate prevented a win. Fate may have to show up for the next two games because they are fully capable of pulling two wins.

Perhaps fate goes to Montreal and pays the Esks a visit.

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