in such a criticale game as a must win why not attempt the field goal on 2nd down and giving you a second chance if the snap is muffed

Isn't hindsight wonderful

:roll: :roll:

yeah, no kidding.

brain fart of the year so far.

hindsight is wonderful but some coaches have done this in the other league and at least you don't put all your eggs in 1 basket

actually, it was a fake field goal attempt. Fantuz was really trying to pass it to the end-zone.

I think the Cats should have called time out to make sure everything was set because of the bad weather and snowy field. They should have taken the time clear all the snow and made sure everything was as clean as they could make it due to the poor conditions.

fantuz muffed the snap on the field goal attempt so the field wasn’t an issue

It looked liked Cortez was standing by the ref. I thought they would take it down to 00, call a time out, get all 12 guys to clean up the snow and then kick.

The team was looking to take time off the clock and was not taking into account the possibility that a mistake like that could have been made, because that kind of mistake should not be made, especially at a critical time like that.

This kind of mistake that cannot be made when the game is on the line reminds me of that incident that cost the Riders a Grey Cup win a few years ago. Now I think I may have at least a vague idea how hard that must have been for Rider fans to see.

Anyway, I think I'll sign off, things could get nasty here with all the venting that'll be going on.

r u guys DRUNK shit happens it was not a fluke play that went bad if u want to call a game changer call grants fumble for carrying like a loaf of bread.

One thing we can be sure of: Coach Cortez will blame the players, and not recognize that a different coaching decision could have made the difference here.

its not the coaches fault... its a flipping field goal attempt... snap... grab... set ...kick... 3 points.

only with the ticats its


after all these year has just been a mumble in the jungle hasn't it? (sorry) :cowboy:

Can you really blame Cortez?

Giguere doesn't come back for the ball, pick 6
Peach 15 yard penalty takes a pic off the board, next play TD for Cgy
Grant fumbles that leads to a Calgary TD

That's 21 points off players mistakes. Those plays had nothing to do with play calling.

Of course the players made mistakes - including Fantuz on the last play.

I think the OP's point was that it would have been a reasonable coaching decision - and one we've all seen made in other circumstances - to try the FG on second down. All the more important because bad things can happen in snowy weather, such as the ball slipping off the tee. (Please don't ask me to back up this last statement.) Had we attempted the FG on second down, we could have tried again in the event it was unsuccessful.

My point, which is more of a personal opinion and somewhat unsubstantiated, was that I think our coach is not the introspective type who tends to take on his share of the blame for decisions he makes.

I'll agree with the ones on Peach and Grant, but Giguere not coming back to the ball on the pick six? Not sure where you're getting that, or what you saw, but what I saw (just rewatched it) was Giguere jumping for the ball and getting hit just as the ball got to him (and debatably just before?). The ball bounced off him as he bounced off the defender right into the hands of another defender, who ran it past eleven other players for a touchdown.

Bottom line, this team finds a way to lose. Thats what they are good at. The coach has no way to motivate these guys because he lost the room during training camp with his I know it all and I'm the boss attitude.

It was pointed out by the guys on TSN, he didn't finish running his route, he stopped an jumped up for the ball.

Okay, take that one away, that's still 14 points that we handed to them on a silver platter. We stopped their running game and did okay keeping Glenn in check.

And had we attempted the FG on second down and made it, Calgary would have gotten the ball on their 35 yard line with time on the clock for at least one play. Which is a bigger risk? Screwing up an easy field goal, or defending against a hail Mary? And before you answer, remember it's our defence we're talking about.

I'm thinking every professional coach would have made the same decision as Cortez in this situation, regardless of the weather.

I thought they would pull off a win after the onside kick and the clock killing until the field goal attempt.
Great play calling and effort but this one is on Fantuz. I feel bad for him but:

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I feel for the Cats.
Wow, game of the year for sure.