Field goal at the end of the half

Come on, we all know that any kicker worth his salt always takes into account the spin of the Earth and the alignment of planets. :wink:

Only Medlock cause he’s such a perfectionist. Worked closely with his snapper,holder and personal physicist.

As an addendum to my post above about letting it go, and how the CFL lacks the feel for when to let the players control the game, I found some great quotes after the 2014 Grey Cup from none other than Glenn Johnson.

But Johnson says the fact that McCartney wasn't in position to make a play on Banks isn't a factor on whether a flag is thrown.

"In that time period, we don't ask officials to include that in their judgment," Johnson said. "We don't know if that returner is going to reverse field. The official judges the action independently."

The call against Reed capped a season that saw a dramatic increase in the number of penalties across the CFL. The number of flags thrown rose 18 per cent overall, while holding or illegal block calls on kick and punt returns rose by a stunning 22 per cent.

"We're going to work hard with the clubs in the off-season to try and reduce the number of penalties," Johnson said. "Everybody believes, including us, that we had too many penalties this year.

CFL Penalties Per Game
2014 - 21
2021 - 21

There was a dramatic increase (from 17 to 21) and the league never fixed it.

There's definitely an argument to be made about the right call in the rule book, and the right call in a game.

Is it the end of the world to wait and see if the penalty had an impact on the play? Other sports do it all the time.

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I heard the CFL Command Centre is on the 6th Floor of the Suppository Building.


Now that's funny! See what you started Mark?

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Also known as "The Magic Bullet" Building .

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It's what I do. :grin:

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Yup. That's the bullet that "snipes" the Cats every couple of games.

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That's the kind of 'inside in-depth anal-ysis' that keeps this site alive!


Absolutely. It helps us to comprehend why CFL refs are the "butt" of many jokes.

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In the end I would say ...

wait, lemme rephrase that.

On the whole ...

oh, never mind.

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