Field Conditions/I'm such a Princess

I haven't missed a game in years. Ive sat through worse than this. Many times. Tonight I've decided to watch at home.

What happened to me? Am I getting soft? Am I getting old? It's 36 minutes to kick off and I have anxiety about not being there. There's only 5 games left after this. I feel like such a D-bag. My wife and daughter have already decided they want to stay home but kindly offered to drive me and pick me up since I'm into the beers. And I said no.

If we lose this is all my fault. I pray good old Smilin' Hank gets me out of this mess with a win. Go Cats Go!!!

And now it's not even raining.

Am I a Ticats fan or a sugercube?

Don't be so hard on yourself alexander! We all need a rain check every once in a while!...but if we lose, I blame you :cowboy:

Don't worry. The only thing you missed was watching Jon Cornish rack up 170 yards on the ground.

Your a sugar cube. Rain is not a reason to skip a game. And if you have to get justification on here thats even worse. :oops:

I thought I would have gotten a call from my wife during the day saying that she didn't want to go because of the rain. No way, she was going to see her Stampeders no matter what. An hour and a half driving in pouring rain from Mississauga and she was still game. She's sat and cheered for my Cats in any weather( except when Calgary plays ), too bad more fans don't have her guts.

Wow, no wonder the Ticats only want a 22.5k stadium if even diehard fans wont show up in rain.

Why even post this...

Yeah Brad. You nailed it. The Ticats are reducing stadium capacity because die hards like me miss a rainy Thursday game every few years or so. I pay for my season seats in December bud. When do you pay for yours?

Why even post this?

You asked the question and are getting answers. Season ticket holders dont miss a game due to rain. You should have kept quiet

I remember going to an evening home game and it was raining even before I left the house. I walk many blocks before I could get to a store that sold umbrellas. I then sat in the drizzle for an entire game, legs totally soaked under my jeans. Then proceeded to walk back home afterwards. I suffered with chaffed legs for days afterward.

Yeah, you're a sugarcube.

And a princess.

P.S....I was a season ticket holder then too.

I'm guessing by your defensive tone that you were expecting more of a Dr. Phil experience in this thread where we could console you and your guilt.

I'm sorry I could not be more accommodating.

I really don't know what you expected to hear. I realize you have seasons and it is your right to attend as many games as you want, but in my opinion there are far too many of your type.

Fair weather fans, indeed.

I went to the Winnipeg game in 1972 in the pouring rain, and as a 16 year old, did not have the funds for seasons tickets. It poured the whole game and I LOVED every minute of it. I can remember seeing Dave Buchanan (#20), running on sweeps, being tackled and seeing him push up a huge wave of water as he slid. Thursday night's game was a walk in the park in comparison from both the fan and player perspective. The 15 thousand or so fans, who did go to Thursday's game, have nothing on the more than 30 thousand who braved much worse conditions in 1972.

Are you a pu$$y for staying home? I don't judge people. I find that they are their own worst critics. I, however, never even considered the idea of watching at home. Does that make me a hero (or anti-pu$$y)? No, I think it makes me a fan, no more or no less.

Peace. 8)

Brad, this reminds me of an old expression…If you dont like the answer..then dont ask the question.

Remember that Wiinipeg game, Mike.

Considering how that season was going, my father and I didn`t mind the rain too much. Winning it at the end of the evening made the wet even more tolerable.

I recall that night quite often on those drizzly game nights.

Yes Brad, I created this thread for the Dr Phil experience. What a shame it turned out more like a Jerry Springer episode, complete with a clueless moron hurling insults at the stage. You just gotta love it. :cowboy:

Truth is I created this thread to poke a little fun at myself and have a laugh. I fully expected some presumptuous a$$hat would chastise me and accuse me of being a "fair-weather" fan. In this regard Brad, you have been very accomadating.

As a matter of fact Brad, it wasnt only the rain that kept me away. I also got home later than I had hoped from work. When my daughter, who was supposed to cheer in that game complained about not feeling well and sneakers with holes in them and my wife had to stay home. I decided to stay home with them despite her kind offer to drive and pick me up. We are a family. We watch the games together. Always have and always will.

They haven't missed a game in years either Brad. My daughter hasn't missed a performance or even a practice for that matter in the three years she has been in junior cheer. I suppose they should be tarred with the same brush you've tarred me with?

Fair weather fans indeed Brad.

Wow old fan. That's impressive. You must be the worlds best TiCats fan. The only thing you left out is that it was uphill both ways.

slow clap

You know could have taken a bus to the game right? I think they might have been called "horseless carriages" back then. Also, why did you buy an umbrella several blocks after you were already soaked? Seems like a waste of cash to me. Save that money for a soggy hot dog at the game is what I would have done.