Field Advertisements

Now that the league is getting more money from TSN its time that the league focusses on making the t.v viewing experience better. Specifically, I find the field advertisements to be large and too distracting. These adds use different colors (blue, red, purple ext. on the same field), which looks out of place on a green field and takes away from the viewing experience. Sometimes its even hard picking out players while they're in motion on a huge add. I know that teams need to make as much money as possible, however, there should be compromise. I feel the league should take some leadership with this regard. An idea is for the CFL to implement a white paint only on the adds (like what Sask. does). At least the white paint blends better with the filed and is less distracting (due to the white lines and numbers). Kudos is deserved for getting rid of some of the field fold up adds on the sidelines though. Thoughts?

What bothers me more is the clutter along the sidelines. Saw a player in the Montreal go head first into those LED boards.

It doesn't bother me at all and I don't think it's distracting. The advertisers pay a lot of money for the in stadium advertising and teams need all the money they can get to survive.

Don't mind the advertising but the cleaner and more consistent the overall presentation the better. Having advertising consistently in the same place stadium to stadium would be good. Fewer, more lucrative, national ads as opposed to many different local ads would be better as well. I wouldn't mind more LED advertising around the field if it meant less ads on the field.

The league should do more to regulate the appearance of the field in general. That will come with time I suppose as the portion of revenues generated by the league increases relative to club generated revenues. Working towards games played without markings from other sports would be good. I know clubs like Calgary and Montreal play in multi-sport university facilities with stitched in lines. Perhaps a field management contract could be struck such that clubs could paint and scrub markings as required to get the desired result game day.

And I know a few times in the past the paint they used for some of the ads when wet made those areas like skating rinks for players.

Perhaps TSN should use the "virtual ads" that appear on TV but not on the field. The same technology used to impose Canadian ads on some of the in-game ads on US NFL broadcasts.

I like the fold signs better than the animated LED banners. Those are incredibly distracting.

I agree those board virtual sideline ads that move and are seen more on a soccer pitch especially now at the World Cup are much more annoying.

I agree. I would rather have more LED ribbon boards on the sidelines than field adds. I also agree that there needs to be some regulation of the field. Its interesting to note that BC doesn't have any field adds. Its something else when watching a double header game with Montreal having Telus (purple), GMC (red), Via Rail (yellow), NAPA (blue) advertisements with yellow soccer lines and then watch the BC game with zero field advertisements and markings.

I don't think the on-field ads are national anymore. Commissioner Cohon said he didn't like the on-field ads and said he would try to clean them up, early in his tenure (until he found out how much they were earning. :wink: )

I know the Lions don't allow any ads or junk on the field other than green grass and the team or stadium logo's. Teams should be earning a minimum of $500,000 for on-field ads, anything less and they should be eliminated for the clutter they present.

The jersey ad patches are also team-controlled and advertisers will pay $500,000 a season, like Coast Capital does in B.C.

Within limits I don’t mind on-field ads, I just can stand the soccer marks. I wish they would scrub them off when not in use. I’m sure soccer fans feel the same about the gridiron.