Field ads

I know the league needs the money ,but do you guys like the ads painted on the fields or not, I don't, is just seems like a team will lineup at the 'Wendy's Line', make a complete pass to the "Rona Home and Garden" line, First and Tim Horton's.

I don't mind the ads. I do think it's inevitable that there will be 'virtual ads' inserted in broadcasts, like how some NHL broadcasts are placing digital ads on the glass.

I am against the sponsor ads on the uniforms. They clutter up what would be great uniforms. I'm afraid those are here to stay, sadly.

The field ads are verging on annoying IMO. I can deal with a couple on the 35s and maybe one at centre field, but that's about it. As for the uniforms, I agree with Originaldave. Pretty soon there'll be ad space on the helmets and it'll be like Premiere div football in the UK: Emirates Air v. Labatt's for the Grey Cup (brought to you by Microsoft). I think the league needs to draw a line so that our fields don't look cluttered and our helmets and uniforms don't look like European football and hockey teams. However, I suppose if someone wants to throw enough money at a team, they can do just about anything.

The ads suck because it's not consistent. Every single NHL arena has only four spaces four advertising. All in the neutral zone.
Some CFL fields don't have any, others have some all over the field, then others in the end zone, etc.

The CFL should standardize the field layout, much like the NHL. It would look alot better.

ya I think it should be standard.. but don't go overboard.

I don't know what you guys are watching, but I'm watching the game! :lol: The ads rarely register with me. The only ad I ever remember seeing is the Molson ad the Als have, and it only registers with me because it's a beer ad. :lol:

I sometimes wonder if they chose their team colours to lure Molson…
Yeah I notice the Molson patch too. A friendly reminder to signal the bartender or waltz on over to the fridge… :lol:

Four ads spaces on the ice and on every inch of the boards and a few other places.

I’m with Chief on this one. I don’t even notice them when the game is being played.

While I don't notice the ads while watching, I do think they should be held to a league standard.

I'm guessing the clubs have jurisdiction for on field advertising during the regular season hence Toronto is plastered with full colour ads, Hamilton has white ads while BC and Edmonton have no ads. The league sponsors are the same for playoff games.

An improvement that was made in the early 2000s was when teams seemed to stop painting full white block billboard ads on the fields and went with logos that contrasted with the grass or turf. This has been less intrusive.

The jersey ads seem to feature a club and league sponsor. RONA and Primus for Hamilton, RONA and Nissan for Toronto, RONA and Molson Ex for Montreal. When the playoffs come around, they switch to two league sponsors, RONA and Celebrex.

The most recent Reebok jersey designs seem to have provided a framed space on each team's sweater with the intent of stitching on the shoulder ads. I'm happy they are subtle shoulder ads as opposed to the full frontal ads you see on soccer kits. While soccer ads on jerseys are more obvious than the club crest or logo, FIFA mandates that no advertising or club trademarks for that matter be placed on the pitch.

Anyways, I think it would be a good idea if there were a standard for league and club advertising on and off the field across the entire CFL. If they could trade the on field stuff for more elaborate off field advertising I'd be happier.

I'm not a fan of either the field or uniform ads, but this seems to be the way pro sports is going. At least it's not as bad as some of these Euro hockey leagues!

Btw, I recall reading that there is supposedly a league standard on field ads, in that there are twelve locations where an ad can be placed, but I'm not sure exactly where those locations are or if there are also any standards on ad size.

I don't like the garish ads on the field or jerseys. I only hope the advertisers are paying a bundle, but I doubt that is the case. CFL teams receive a pittance from the league's sponsorship contracts, which are dwarfed by the team's local sponsorship revenues. Advertisers should be paying millions for on-field ads, not thousands.

I would prefer not to have them but if it's done tastefully I don't mind. Ads on the uniforms? That's little league-like. Maybe a couple reasonably sized ads on field.

Montreal and Hamilton are the worst for ads though. The Als field is caked with them and Hamilton's dugouts...that pizza pizza logo painted on the wall is horrendous! Definitely get that out of there.

I agree. Watching the Spengler cup, the way the Players and Referee’s were “decorated” in adds was awful. I hope we never make it to that extreme in ANY SPORT!

What's on the CFL jerseys is nothing compared to what you see on jerseys from other sports in some parts of the world. :lol:

As long as the CFL uniforms don't look like that, I can live with a couple of logos on the shoulder area.

As long as they don't be like the NCAA and change the Grey Cup to the Tostitos cup or something.

Tell that to the juggernaut sports competitions that are EPL, Serie A and La Liga. FIFA mandates the field is to be pristine and clear of ads and club logos for that matter but uniforms and the sidelines are open to anything.

I think the CFL is pretty modest when it comes to uniform ads. Two small ads without compromising team colours or uniform numbers. What was really bad were those hockey-like cartoon team logos that jumped on the front of the jerseys during the CFL in USA years. The Argos even had one with the Argonaut jumping from the waist to the belly of the sweater.

That whole style of jersey screams “MINOR LEAGUE”!!!

But it could’ve been worse…

I know this is hockey but DAMN!!!

I liked the way they did the field for the Ticats for the EDSF. Usually the field is bare, but on this ocassion they had a few great looking ads and the CFL logo at midfield.I thought it looked great and hope they keep it that way through 2010.

I hate the ads. I'm sick of the ads! I like to watch a "clean" game on a "clean" unadulterated playfield. I'm tired of constantly being inundated by overt and subliminal messages. Go to a B.C. Lions game and the fans are inundated with advertising along the sidelines and on the replay video screen. We even have to put up with looking at the little logos on the players' uniforms. Why? How did teams manage to meet payroll deadlines in the "old" days? No matter, the fact is they did- and they still can with a quality product. I go to a game to get away from the advertising. And there was a time when you could. But greed knows no bounds. These sporting events are being replaced by advertising overkill. If a company is willing to pay millions to get its company name exposed to millions then rest assured the CFL, NFL, NHL or any other "L" will be more than happy to provide the "space." Wherever you can have a gathering of the masses there will be the "opportunists" trying to make a buck. And what better way than at a sporting event?

It is no different going to movies now. Despite paying top dollar to see a movie on the big screen we now have to put up with commercials just like we see on the old TV.

It isn't a matter of flooding the stadium with advertising because the CFL can't survive. It is a matter of fattening up the bottom line as much as possible- and any way possible. Rest assured if the CFL could get away with having multiple company logos plastered all over the players, refs, football, and on the playing field it will do it.

In the "old days" the NFL wasn't the juggernaut that it is today.Even fellow Canadians are deeming the CFL "semi-pro and not worth watching".The CFL can barely keep up as is with all the ads and stuff.Bottom line, no ad's, no CFL.I'll take the Ad's thanks.