Fiction TV plus reality

Just finished watching the first 2 SWAT shows of this season. They dealt with and included the very reality of police racism and Covid. I figure that many would see this as good, and I understand that, but for me it was a bit depressing. I watch fiction tv for entertainment and escapism. It is bad enough these issue exist in real life.

Casual reference is one thing, but specially with covid, they abided by and talked about covid safety somewhat more than what is happening most everywhere. I mean watching a SWAT team all decked out in uniform, protective gear, and weapons, sneaking up on the bad guys, wearing covid masks, just takes something away from the entertainment value to me.

Am I in a minority here?

No you're not.

How about none of the TV cops takes notes in an interrogation. I have yet to see a Legal Aid lawyer dress nicely or be physically attractive. or the response time on cop shows are swift while in reality it takes minutes, see "Last Action Hero".

Protects the actors and crew

might be a point, but they have lots of scenes together in close without masks.

I didnt notice any in close scenes but I was not paying that much attention

yeah, there were some in the station. and I think their vehicle. Already losing my memory of the details, sigh