fffffffurtado falls ffffffflat!

April Wine!!

...Difficult circumstances to perform in....i think she did well in the cold....although i prefer some of her earlier songs...oh well good stuff anyway Nellie.. :thup: :rockin:

Shouldn't that be "good stuffed Nellie"

Bring an act that sings, not rap, not hip hop....MUSIC!

…‘junk in the trunk’ is a good one…how about ‘gear in the rear’…i think Nellie really enjoys the good life… :thup: :lol:

This kind of smut isn't fit for the airwaves. Who books these acts? That's not even music!

A great review of the half time show ! :thup:


With the crappy half time shows the last couple of years, do we really need them?

Would the half time show influnce whether you buy tickets or not? I would go for the game, not the half time show.

How about High School marching bands? Couldn't do any worse than what we have now!

i dont get it? canada has one of the best music scenes in the world, we have so many talented bands (if you dont know them please start listening to cbc radio 3), why bring the stones?
get one of these bands:

broken social scene
arcade fire
cuff the duke
godspeed you black emporor you! (now that would be show)

Typical Canadian culture bashing. Why do we do it?

Crappy half time shows?


All of these acts together have sold over 200 million records world wide.

Who do you want?

I wouldn't mind seeing , RUSH :thup:

im 23 and i've only heard of the arcade fire, and i think they split up.

i would LOVE to have a good marching band at the half, with crazy cheerleaders and stuff.

Hold on Hello there I’m on your side…I said crappy shows the last couple of years. I thought Shania was good in Edmonton.

But does it really matter? Would you buy a Grey Cup ticket in Toronto next year based on Shania of Nelly? I doubt it. I think most of us football fans would go because of the game, not the half time show.

Bring on the Toronto High School marching band!

Sorry , if I misunderstood. :wink:

I agree. I go to games to watch football , not H.T. shows. :thup:

I would have had no problem with Nellie if she sang, instead of this rap crap.

The idea should not be to allienate 3/4 of the crowd which is what rap does, call it hip hop if you like it's still not singing.

The best half time show I have seen was Trooper in Edmonton they had young and old enjoying the show and singing along. It's great to hear a granny singing "Raise a little hell" and clapping along to keep warm.

I loved her. I'm not a big fan of hiphop but so what. She's a good entertainer and did a fine job.

NOTHING will satisfy some people who rarely have ANYTHING good to say. What a bunch of luzers.

The only loser is someone who comes on here and as their first set of posts does nothing but insult those who have a different opinion.

btw, it’s “loser”, not “luzer”.

Agreed Sporty, we’re there to watch a football game, not a half-time show.

Did not really listen to much to Nelly, but she looked good on tv. I do like the last song she did, Maneater. A bootyliscious video if you ever see it! :wink: Check it out on youtube if you care. I also know several younger females in my family went to the game partly just to see Nelly, so it does have appeal to some people who might otherwise never go to a game.

ok, these are "accessible" enough to work. but to the general public they're unknowns and it would never happen.

well now you're just being a namedropping indie snob.... that's my job. but you're doing it poorly, because it's "Godspeed You! Black Emperor".
and even if people actually knew who they were, there would be a riot if they were the halftime show. you might as well get Les Georges Leningrad to play too.

:thup: I love the Grey Cup. I would watch the Grey Cup even if Sadaam Hussein and the Ayatolah sang a duet at half time. I watch the football.

Nelly was honoured to sing at the Grey Cup and sang for peanuts. Her music is not my kind but she looked great and tons of younger Canadians tuned in to see her and maybe realize how special the Grey Cup is in our country. Who cares as long as it keep attracting people to our beloved CFL football!!!
Besides- I hear Nelly is single ---"I'll marry you Nelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

CFl Forever

Entertainment Tonite Canada did an interview with Nelly from the Grey Cup and showed the Half Time show and showed the Lions hoisting the Cup.

then they closed the show with an interviewer in the lions lockerroom while they were celebrating...carl kidd had half the cup and another plyer had the other half..hahaha

You guys are all cry babies. Do you go to the game to watch the halftime show. I was at the game and she sounded fine. I didn't see anyone disapointed at the game. She got loud cheers. I thought it was quite successful.