fffffffurtado falls ffffffflat!

Ok this is starting to become just as awful as last years half-time show.

she started her first song off key (at least it sure sounded like it)

the sound quality is awful and she can't sing very well..

I hope they get someone decent for once in 2007..

The one thing I will say in her defence is at least she didn't lip-sync. Hopefully we get somebody better next year.

She is a very pretty young woman. I just turned down the sound and watcher her!!!

Exactly what do people expect from the halftime show?
The NFL had the Stones last year and they stank the joint out, so who do you want?

The people I was watching with just showed how freakin' old they are. Comments like, "I never heard that song before," or "who is she" etc. Then try to explain that she is Canadian and one of the most popular acts on the planet, and you get, "yeh, but we could have had the Guess Who".

God help the CFL, for having acts that people under the age of 40 have heard of.

the CFL needs to have 2 acts per halftime...open with the younger act and let them do one song, then have an older, rockier act do the second song..then end it with pyro and move on...please both crowds

example...next year, have avril do a song then nickle back do a song ( i hate them both, for the record )

downside: we run outta half time acts very qucik and see the same artists year after year.

^ Ugh...

Worst halftime show ever.

RIGHT ON! She will bring the young fans in. :thup:

She is getting great reviews. :thup:

She just won Best selling POP/ROCK female in the WORLD at the World Music Awards. :thup:

She is 1 of the world's biggest stars right now! :thup:

I am sure she took a pay cut to do this show! :thup:

The sound quality was horrible. Don't know if that was more a factor of the performers, or the equipment, but I agree it was a horrible half time show to watch, at least on TV.

She is quite a beautiful young woman. Next time just turn the sound off if you do not like the song(s) and enjoy the view!!!

Ya, halftime show was ok considering. Nelly Furtado's booty was looking mighty fine I must say!
Hey, Shania toughed out the cold a couple of years ago!
Anything 'live' isn't going to sound like the radio version of anything anyways! Don't you people goto concerts?
For what it was I was happy with the performance. She is still proud to be Canadian, and she hasn't gotten all that 'AMERICANIZED' yet.

Live sound never sounds great through T.V. speakers , that is why most times they LIP SYNIC the show.

no, most lip synced acts are cuz:

-the artist cant sing and dance at the same time.( xtina agilara )
-artist cant sing PERIOD ( ashley simpson )
-shows hosts are scared the act might swear ( this case is with some unpredictable rockers ) ( Nirvana )
-concert/performance is in a tv studio not equiped for live performances. ( artists who perform on british late-shows )

I happen to like Nelly (not just 'cause she's cute), and thought the show was pretty good.
You have to roll the stage out and off and still perform 3 songs in half an hour.
Like I said earlier, the Stones sucked given that scenario.
Everyone sucks given that scenario.
So given the circumstance, she was good!!

I am not a fan , but I have to give credit where credit is do. :thup:

The show was well done and much better than I expected. :thup:

One article said that most people in the stands stayed , danced and watched her. Think of the possible T.V. ratings? :thup:

When SHANIA performed in EDMONTON the people at her web site [who had never heard of THE GREY CUP] watch that game. I am sure that NELLY's web site was jumping. :thup:

This was show in many countries and she is HUGE world wide. :thup:

It takes allot of guts to sing live at this kind of thing because stadiums are built for sports and not for sound. You have 3 minutes to set up and you just hope that every thing works. :o :thup:

I thought the show stunk and her rear looked larger than mine and mine is big.

To the point, hip hop or whatever it's called stinks!

In Nelly's case it was big hips hop.

I said the same thing eskfan.....too much junk in the trunk

I didn't mind Nelly...she was better than the Black Eyed Peas last year. as far as her being a beautiful young woman goes.....it was kind of lost in the amount of clothing she had to wear to avoid freezing her allegedly large butt off.
Next year, I'm hoping for a three or four song performance (like it'll happen) from someone like Alice cooper or Kiss. I know.....I dream huge.

She did great considering is was below zero and I'm sure this isn't the best to hit all the notes perfectly. Nice stuff Nelly, I love ya babe!

Paul McCartney was at the one Superbowl.. and he was great. he did not SUCK.

They need Stompin Tom, that's all there is to it.