im just happy to be done with calfary for awhile

.......see ya labour day!!!!.... :twisted: .......

scared of the stamps, eh?

More than just scared, I would say petrified is more like it.

scared not at all..we held Burris to one Td in 2 games dominated little Niky and gave them nothign in 2 games but a lucky pass in the first game,

but i also know how dangerous they can be and after playing them 2 times in a row..i know playing sask and winnipeg in the next while should be automatics

you thought last week was automatic also

ummmm i never said last week was automatic..but hey like the liberal government you like to make things up

Sask is an automatic eh? We dont play you until August, but dont count on the Riders being the pushover that played in BC in week 1...

calgary woulda won last nite, had rambo stopped on his endzone route.

oh well.

edmonton would have won it by 10 last night if Ricky would have thrown the ball 1 foot closer... to tucker in the endzone with 2 minutes left..should coulda woulda drummer