Few stars = cup contenders

Oddly, the playoff teams with fewer all star players are in the grey cup game. Toronto, Calgary and Saskatchewan have been eliminated. Recognition of individual performance is nice, but team performance is different. For all 9 teams, the regular season is the most important because 18 games have the most impact - financially and otherwise. Grey cup and playoffs are prestious, but there is only one surviving winner in the end..

The number of all stars on a team is actually very misleading. The alouettes have a lot more all stars on offense than those that were selected to the all star team. I truly believe that Calvillo had a better season than Allen, a more outstanding season and the only reason he is not the most outstanding player this year is because his defence could not hold leads which if you really think about it makes no sense. If anyone can give me a reason that makes more sense Id like to hear it. Im not saying Allen had a bad season Im saying htat Calvillo had a more outstanding one.

Also Vaughn, Stala, and Duval are all stars as well that did not make that list.

In the west Burris was not even close ot the best QB it was Dickenson (doesnt change the number of edmontons all stars but just goes to prove my point). The fact that neither Joe Montford nor AJ Gass are on that list speaks volumes about how incorrect that list is. Also you could make a very good argument that Tony Tompkins was the best kick returner in the west.

My point is that the all star list is very misleading as it is not done by people that take into account how much of an impact player that guy is to his team and penalises players for stuff that happens on the other side of the ball thats beyond their control