Feteriks or Gliebermans?

What father/son combo do you think has made more damage to their respective teams and the league?

Personally, I believe that the Feteriks berought embarrrasment to Calgary and also the GM Fred Feteri was the laughingstock of the league even after he was fired.

........they were both terrible......the F troop era is over though and the report card is laminated, the Gleibs, well Gleib Senior anyway, has a chance to salvage his place in history......

The problem is the Gleibs second time around and well no lessons learned the first time. Lonies marketing ploys are more damaging then Fred Fateris suits. Both are American business men with no football experience. Feterik bought the team to give his son the best chance at pro football nothing more. Where as the Gleibs who knows I guess Lonie needed dates! Both were bad for the prespective teams. But I will give the nod to the Gleibs.

G have done more damage to a place that now seems tired of the CFL. but if Calgary is an example of things to come for Ottawa, things hopefully will get better.

There was no attendince problems in Calgary during the Feterik days, so I will say the Gleibs.

One of the problems I think is that some owners think that running a CFL team is just like, for example, running the Arizona Cardinals where you can be lame owners and practically do nothing and make money from TV deals and such. And this isn't the case in the CFL, you have to work at it like Bob Young says here in Hamilton. Not one fan has any responsibility at all, he has said, to attend games, they have to want to go to games because they see value in the entertainment dollar for the product.

the real money you make is when you get fans to attend games instead of watching them on TV, which some like more than going to games.

In the CFL I am assuming you mean KK. In the NFL, I'm sure most teams make most of their money through TV deals.

yeah, I mean the CFL. I don't like how the NFL does it, they should encorage people to come out and see the game for themsevels, it's amazing that 16 teams out of 32 teams soldout last season with this kinda system.

The NFL is a license to print money, whether anyone shows up at the game or not. Which is one reason why lots of people want to own an NFL team.

Good point…

I think I’ll give the nod to the Gleibs …second time around. Did we not learn after the 1st round?

the jury is still out on this one.......gleib sr still has an opportunity to turn things around....I cant imagine a man with that much money is stupid.....

I know that’s a joke. :lol:

No KK, no joke, it is the truth. Not saying this is good, bad or otherwise, just a fact. Do you realize just how much money the teams get there from TV contracts?

Here's just an example of what I'm talking about:

"The NFL agreed Monday to $8 billion in contract extensions with Fox and CBS to televise Sunday afternoon games for six more years, deals that would also allow the league to show better matchups late in the season in prime time.

The current eight-year contract, which expires after the 2005 season, was worth $17.6 billion, including the Sunday night (on ESPN) and Monday night (on ABC) packages. The extensions will run through 2011 and represent a 25 percent increase in rights fees."

[url=http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2004/football/nfl/11/08/bc.fbn.nfl.tv.ap/]http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2004/f ... nfl.tv.ap/[/url]

JC, you know what the NFL's problem is, way too rich! Hope the CFL gets better in that dept. but not as rich as the NFL.

if it ever does, I want you to shoot me, Earl.

Could never do that KK, I'm a pasifist... Well sort of, I guess if you every really peeved me off, well who knows what I might do. :twisted:

just promise me, mate, cuz I don't want to live in a world where the CFL is so rich it goes that bad!

I think this is one of the reasons the CFL really has so much respect from American guys who know that they can make it in the NFL but just aren't given a proper opportunity because their size for the position they played in college is prototypical NFL but they have all the talent in the world etc. They are so happy the CFL exists, a league that doesn't treat them as much as a piece of meat to be discarded at a moment's notice because an injury may make them just a tad more slower or whatever. Guys that do come up here are given lots of respect by CFL teams just for the fact they do come up here to play football for not the big money but because they love football even if they never get a chance at the NFL again.

Yeah, that's why the CFL isn't gonna go away, not ever!

take that you NHL *******!!!!