Festivus in Tigertown?

Browsing through the numerous threads/topics on the Ticats.ca forums I couldn't but think it is Festivus time in Tigertown. Complete with the airing of grievances. Everything from criticism of ticket takers, the radio show, concessions, stadium announcers, washrooms, stadium seating and even the paint job on the stairs.

To celebrate Festivus in Tigertown I propose we air our grievances in this thread/topic and save the other topics for productive and constructive Tiger-Cat football discussion.

Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

"Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans, rapidly becoming the CFL's most bitter fans in 2008!"


You need to upload a picture of an aluminum pole.

Frank Costanza: "And at the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around, and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year!"
Frank Costanza: "I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you're gonna hear about it. You, Bellefeuille, my son tells me your coordinating STINKS!"

  • paul

I can't wait for the feats of strength to begin.

Wow, I can't believe there isn't a single grievance in Tigertown!

Maybe we have turned over a new leaf!

  • paul

Too many to type.


Being an avid fan of all the wonderful Seinfeld episodes, I find this post one of the most amusing I've seen on Ticats,ca. What a great idea, and complete with quotes and pictures, too! Now, "there's a festivus for the rest of us!"

To you boys on the offensive line: You are very appropriately named because I find each of you very offensive. Necessary replacements are taking place on your counterpart's "D" Line. You're next!

Love the word festivus! Goes along with stadion, stadia. A festivus of Olympius proportionus in the stadias of Tigertownias!! :wink:

Is Festivus Latin or Greek in origin?

Thank you for the kind words Mr. Jones.

My grievance is with our two import tackles who consistently get beat off snap and yet still seem to employed year-to-year/week-to-week.

I am honestly surprised that there hasn't been a serious challenge to Jonta Woodard in a few years. He is a much better run blocker than a pass blocker. Unfortunately this is the CFL where the forward pass reigns supreme.

  • paul

Funny, when we lost to Edmonton (like right when the final second ticked off the clock) I heard some guy yell "SERENITY NOW!" I was dying.

Was that you Paullywood??