Feschuk has no business covering the CFL

This guy just doesn't get it. Like if I called you all kinds of names and made fun of you, and then published my phone number, what should I expect? Flowers?

Just goes to show these little journalism degrees these guys get don't mean they have any brains.

This is a long read but if you want to know more about what the media can do read this.


Here's a good one. The day after Feschuk referred to CFL fans as "windbags" and couldn't even call CAnada by its name, there he is writing a rah rah sis boom bah article about the RAptors and the NBA.
Typical Hogtown hack.

Yes Berezin you have him scared to death. :lol: :lol: That article proves to me he loves the attention your giving him. I do not think you have him on the run.

This is really a case of feeding the troll , if you write him. His paper wants him to get response from people. He gets no response at all , he gets fired.

Yup, you basically gave him a raise! LOL. The more people read his paper, negatively or positively, the happyier his bosses are.

Oh and just so everyone knows, I am a huge Argo fan and have had season tickets since 1995. Seen many bad games, last Saturday ranks up there as one of the most boring offensive displays ever in my time at the dome. It's not like he's making any of this stuff up.

I must agree after reading many of these forums over the last few years that some of you are so insecure, it's sometimes funny. Many posters live off how people jump all over any little comment.

Oh please Argoz. Why is it just the CFL or hockey that constantly get ripped by these same writers?

And the guy didn't just comment on the game. He slagged the whole league, slagged the whole bloody country basically.

YOu may think its to get readers? Then why not run down the NFL or basketball. That would get readers too right?

Nah. We gotta speak up and let these morons with their little two year journalism degrees that we won"t take their garbage anymore.

Talking about insecurity, I think in general Canadians tend to show insecurity. Now whether we are or not, don't know. Egs. on Canadian hockey forums, people are always trying to justify hockey as a great sport even with the ratings below dog racing in the US, baseketball, baseball and soccer only type fans here put down hockey as it gets too much attentiion and also a lot of people here put down the NFL saying they are all a bunch of roiders and the play is slow compared to hockey etc. But still ok to talk about this stuff on discussion forums or in person, I don't think being somewhat insecure or whatever means you've got a personality disorder. And even our writers like Feschuk are insecure (see, I'm insecure saying this :wink: ) as they like to slag the CFL, as we see it :wink: as this makes them feel bigger, maybe more American like.

Canadians as a whole seem to insecure about who we are compared with Americans who are more outgoing and nationalistic. Again, just a generality here.

Stabilo - "It's ok not to feel strong." (lyrics from one of their songs)