Ferrara Not Traveling!

:? I'm a little perplexed by this. I thought he did a GREAT job last year! I watched alot of video and often found that he was double even sometimes triple teamed! I think if Ferrara doesn't stay Johnsons#'s go down. Who knows I could be wrong.

Frank if ya go wherever you end up I wish you the best of luck and sucess! Too bad I kinda like the Lions!

Coach: Don't let this one get away!

I think Ferrara may have made the team already like Tyrone Williams and was left home for the same reason . But having said that , Aron Hunt had a terrific game tonight and made a real case for himself. Lions defence was all over the Stamps and Hunt was part of that without Williams(who is the one who makes everyone on the line better BTW) beside him .
If Ferrara is beat out , the guy will be better.
At any rate, our defence will be much better than last year. We got a much better secondary , our linebackers will be atleast as good inspite of Simpson's departure. Actually at the end of last year Simpson was a distraction with his me first attitude.