Ferguson: Where is all the offensive scoring?

Raise your hand if you haven’t missed a snap of CFL football so far in 2021.


The return of on-field action has been everything we’d hoped for, unless of course your team isn’t off to a hot start or you were expecting high-scoring shootouts.

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I look at the Alouettes first game for a partial answer to that question. On one play, Vernon Adams put the ball right into Eugene Lewis' hands. Halfway through the season, Geno makes that play, 90% of the time. But a contested ball with Mincey covering, first game of the season with no preseason and you get a drop. That's 7 points off the board.
Then there were two drops by William Stanback, on screen plays with a coterie of blockers in front of him. Drive stoppers with arguably at least a FG at the end of each of those drives. So let's say 6 points missed on those plays.
Almondo Sewell, halfway through the season (hopefully) doesn't take that boneheaded roughing the passer, taking a pick-six off the board.
So that's 20 points right there. The Alouettes might easily have put up 50 points in their game against the Elks.
With these early season "glitches" out of the way, it will once again be apparent that scoring in the CFL, with our big plays and faster game, is the norm...and that defenses are always scrambling to stem the tide.
In other words...relax. Trust the CFL game. For the 60 years I've been watching, it has always outshone the No Fun League.

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Stop whining Ferguson if all you want to see is offense go cover basketball.

No preseason games!

Mystery Solved

You’re suppose to stand in an alley wearing a trench coat like the late Robert Stack did when you say that

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Naw, you hold open the trenchcoat as an offense passes by and say “psst, wanna buy some touchdowns?”


Ferguson is right on in his analysis of offenses right now. It’s not just offense start slower, it’s a different year for sure with not running last year. Sure no pre season, and so on. But it’s more than that in my view. Great Stats Ferguson :+1:

Love the CFL! Awesome it’s back!

My Tiger Cats are too well coached to struggle this much for much longer. They will figure it out.