Ferguson: What the Nichols, Arbuckle swap means for both teams

For the first time in.. who knows how long, the CFL felt like the CFL again on Sunday.

Opinions and belief systems on the morality of roster bonuses causing sudden off-season movement aside, the reality remains that at least a few times a year the CFL gives us a transaction that makes your jaw drop – or elicits a giggle depending on how you cope with shocking news.

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Sorry to disagree with you but when you wrote about Arbuckle (I quote) "was sent packing to his third CFL team in as many years, with the odd note of never playing for one of them." Actually Arbuckle wasn't the star QB in Calgary but he did play 7 games winning 4 of them When Mitchell was sidelined due to injury! Completing over 73% of his passes for 2,103 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2019. It was that performance that prompted Ottawa to make the trade with Calgary. Just saying !

After the 2019 season, Ottawa would've taken any QB with CFL experience.
Nichols could be another Henry Burris, a veteran that was criticized but took the team to the GC and a 12 win record in the first year after expansion and then the GC win the following year.

Holy cow, this article is a statistician nightmare. Must be lack of fluff to put on the pages. Reminds me of my long forgotten university science course