Ferguson: What the Adams Jr. trade could mean for BC

He’s free.

Well, not in the literal sense. It cost the BC Lions a first round pick in the 2023 CFL Draft, but Vernon Adams Jr. has found a field he’s not just allowed to enter, but welcomed onto with open arms for the rest of 2022.

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Good luck, looking forward to seeing you in orange.

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And if VA does really well in BC this season he'll get 'green' in the offseason when the bidding war for his services will heat up. Suddenly BC's game in Montreal on the 9th has taken on a whole new set of plots and sub-plots.

Will that game be billed as the 'Return of Vernon Adams'? How will he be treated by his former fans? Could a thorough thrashing by the Lions be the 'Debacle that Sinks Maciocia'?


Very disappointing trade for several reasons. Although VA hasn't quite returned his level of play to his 2019 magical year with the Als, he is a very exciting player who fans love watching, particularly with his ability to scramble and stretch plays (ie. like the 2019 record comeback game at Molson Stadium against Winnipeg)! Harris has played very well lately but if he gets hurt, Montreal will be in trouble again since Dominique Davis threw a lot of picks with Ottawa, with which he had lots of playing time. Too early to know how Alexander Davis will do. To ensure success in the CFL, you need to have a strong Plan B (at least) for the QB position. I would have thought the Als had learned that lesson in the post-Calvillo era but...it appears not. From my perspective, Montreal should have figured out a way to keep Shiltz. He's a gamer...which he was demonstrating in Montreal and we are now witnessing with Hamilton. When will we learn?? P.S. I sincerely hope that I am wrong but it feels like I've seen this movie before. If Harris gets injured, our playoff aspirations will likely evaporate.


Totally agree, the Als bullpen is empty. This was inevitable when Machoka took over. Kahari liked a gunslinger and VA was his man. A quarterback like VA also helped the ALS running game, not with his own running but with his tendency to go deep. Linebackers dropped 2 or 3 yards deeper to help the coverage and that gave Stanback a little extra time to square his shoulders and head north - south. I think he'll be very exciting to watch with the receivers he has in BC

I thought Michael O'Connor's injury (whatever it is/was- still not clear) - was NOT a major issue - why is he ALREADY - after 1/2 a game - where he seemed pretty good - being Dumped ??? Explain please.

Still no idea what O’Connor’s real injury is and haven’t heard any kind of update from the Lions during the by week. I can’t explain what is going on…

O'Connor still shows on the active roster. I can't see Adams ready to play in 10 days, usually takes longer than that to get a QB up to snuff with the playbook & reps. It would be nice to know what's happening.

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I'll bet you a large coffee and doughnut that Maciocia's to blame. He's already committed to Harris and saw an opportunity to unload a player that wasn't going to sign next season anyway. This way he gets another first round draft choice he wouldn't have had. It's Harris or bust in Montreal right now.


I can pretty much guarantee you that O'Connor's injury is bruised or potentially cracked ribs. Watch the replay. His head didn't hit the ground hard at all. The team said it was a lower body injury, which pretty much guarantees that it's not. Take a look at the play and it's pretty obvious that when your chest is drilled to the ground and hits it first as hard as it was, that it's a rib-cage-related injury. Next game, if he's still able to play, he'll be wearing extra protection around his torso.


I heard somewhere a groin injury? There seems to be an excessive amount of mystery about both his injury & his status here. Like Pink Floyd said " Wot’s… Uh The Deal???"

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According to coach Campbell after the game he said whatever O’Connor’s injury is he said it was getting worse as the game went on and that he couldn’t continue. So this was an injury that just kept progressing as opposed to one particular play.

After watching the hit a couple times after I realized O’Connor wasn’t coming back in. At the end of the big hit he took a “farmer’s elbow” to the chin and I was expecting a possible concussion.

We should find out more once the Lions get back to work this weekend.

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Personally I'm glad to see him go.
I wish they would've kept Shiltz.
VA forced too many balls into bad coverage. Didn't pick up reads fast enough.
Always looking to run first.
He had a decent year in 19, but that's it.
Gets dinged up too easily.
I wish him well in BC. He seemed to have good energy out front. I don't know what he had in the locker room. But average talent at best. Shiltz was the more damaging mistake of the two in my humble opinion.

Love watching Vernon Adams play. Always have. I am a Riders fan but I was so impressed with how he turned the Alouettes around. With Vernon Adams you always have entertaining football and you never know if a come-from-behind victory is in the works. Good on him. Have fun, Vernon.