Ferguson: What signing Bo means for the Ticats

As the CFL world entered Grey Cup Week, an annual festival of Canadian football fandom focused around the final game of the season, a thunderclap in the form of the CFL.ca transactions page rattled everyone.

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The only thing I know about Bo signing is that it makes me less likely to root for the Ti-Cats on any given week.

A class act on and off the field
Congratulations to 19 and family you will be missed
I look forward to watching you kick the stamps butts


Evans cost the Tiger Cats at least 5 games with fumbles and/or interceptions last year. He had a couple of excellent games but was so mistake-prone that he was the main reason for the team’s lack of success. A lot of fans gave up on the team by Labour Day. Mitchell will bring them back with promises of a much better year in 2023. The East will be much more competitive in 2023 - should be a fun year.


Good for Hamilton as long as BLM stays healty.

Who is going to be #2? Butterfingers has expended a lot of goodwill over the past season and he can't believe he would be #1B.

It mainly means that the tsn crews won't have to travel so far now to kiss Bo Levi's **s.

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Roughrider organization is not doing anything to the deserving fans in the province. Finally they can end up with Dominique Davis/ Nick AB or Dane Evans. Or the same old Cody.
The management should resign and leave way for whoever can do a better job. Simple as that.
I am pretty sure on one thing, whoever the next QB may be, will be a "Nice Guy" to the head coach.

Not much choices out there for Saskatchewan. Fajardo, Arbuckle or Evans? I believe Saskatchewan said that they are moving on with Fajardo. That will only leave The other 2 left. I believe Trevor Harris will resign with the Alouttes. Ticats still need a #2 QB. Hopefully they will resign Shultz or someone else with some experience like Arbuckle.

I'm not a big fan of BO, mostly because he continued to be a menace to Winnipeg for several seasons....but he has had some great seasons in spite of my dislike of him. His age isn't really his issue either, as star QB's "can" go well into their late 30's. It's more his injury history that would now concern me most. As for Calgary they'll be just fine, they always find a way. But for Hamilton's sake, and a home GC at hand in 2023, I hope BO has a rebirth..... Hamilton needs this! I hate to say this but....... Go BO (spit).


I agree ya he comes of cocky but why not? He is a good playerand good person over all.

Well Calgary freed up lots of cash that is for sure with Dickenson GM I am wondering if he will spend a bit on a free agent or two. Something that use to piss me off about Huff.

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Butt hurt sound *&%$%

Just for kicks...."Grey Cup 23" Calgary vs Hamilton (now that would sell tickets), Bo wins on the last drive.

Sounds vaguely familiar right? Andrew Harris.

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Best of luck to BLM and his growing family for his 3 year deal with the Cats. Much to my surprise-I was hoping he would sign with the Lions. :rofl: I always admired Bo off and on the field-"A Class Act" I hope you continue to blossom with your new team, and I look forward to seeing you versus my hometown Argos. :exclamation:

Note: Although his best years are behind him. Bo deserves the opportunity to end his illustrious HOF career on his own terms. :bangbang:

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Jay Onrait is the most annoying person I've ever seen. Was so glad he left Winnipeg!!!!!!!

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yea i actually liked him better when he was with Dan O’toole.

Onrait is an O'Toole


Can't stand either one of them . Both are like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard amplified to eleven .

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