Ferguson: What Arceneaux, Bowman may mean for the Elks

When I first started covering the Canadian Football League there was an aging, but spectacular elite class of receivers.

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They mean very little. And there's no such word as Elks!

Not true. Elk and Elks are both considered correct for Elk.


Another season to forget heading for this once proud franchise

Happy New Year.

Things WILL get better. 2022 will be better than 2021.

If you want the best team, grab all the talent you can and let them fight it out.

I mean how many QB' do the Elks have signed? 6-7?

In reality, I think both guys have lost a step but what the heck, bring everybody you can to mini camps and camps and figure out who's best.

Both Manny and Bowman were great during their time in the CFL but both have aged and been out of football for about 3 years. Can either or both make a comeback with younger talent competing for the same job? Football in reality is a young man's sport, and some refuse to acknowledge that fact. I'd say Manny , Bowman and Chris Jones are guilty of that flaw.

Seams to me, many people who have no real connection to Edmonton have very many negative responses towards everything "Edmonton"

Have a nice day.