Ferguson: Way too early CFL All-Star team

While the 2022 season is very much still in its infancy, those who watch most if not all of the games can see identities taking shape from coast-to-coast.

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Lol that’s a funny list are you in love with the Riders ? They haven’t played any west teams yet except the Elks and we’re lucky to win that one lol , you might as well just award them The Grey Cup now skip the season

So da Bombs continue to get no respect this season. I guess it REALLY is way too early to pick this "CFL All-Star team". :grin:

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I will also say that Taylor got burned for two TD’s last week yet is on the list while Nichols, arguably the best shut down DB in the league, is nowhere to be found. The last two weeks the opposition hasn’t even bothered to throw to whomever Nichols was covering.

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Funny that a few posters want to keep yelling that we didn't address the WR position. :smile:
This needs more Hardrick & Jeffcoat. :thinking:

In total there's what 2 or 3 players NOT from BC/CGY/Sask/WPG?


Kenny "The King" Lawler deserves to be on such a list. But he's too obvious - and Elks are only 2-4.
Lawler's all-star prospects will pick up when Elks stabilize at 6-6 and Lawler continues to be Corny's #1 target.

I agree with most of what you said, but a snowball has a better chance in my backyard than the Elks do of getting to 6-6.

Well he's right about one thing, it's way too early.

I have almost as much disdain for Edmonton's football club than I do for Sask'n but I think the Elks will stabilize at either 5-7 or 6-6 and the 2/3rd mark.