Ferguson: Training Camp battles to watch

Training camps have opened and the 2023 season is finally upon us. Across the league, the most exciting part of training camp is now underway and that’s position battles.

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BC-With Rourke, Figueroa, Burke & Burnham gone, that’s some big chunks to fill on offence. If they can’t replace Burke’s production, & hole @ LT, then they’ll be in trouble. Only 4-5 w/o Rourke. Almost certain to have a QB controversy sometime this year IMO.

Edm-MLB & SAM set. WIL at this point likely Woodly A.'s to lose. My Elk buddy tells me the DL may have 330 lb Pelley, 305 lb Ross @ DT with another 300 lb’er in Ceresna @ DE. If so, that’s some major beef for OL’s to contend with. As you say, there will be competition everywhere in Elkland.

SK-Completely agree Blake will transition to G. OT’s a big question mark.

WPG-Bombers have to get younger & move out older guys on OL. Or, like Bladek in Regina, risk losing them after year 3. Riders kept LaBatte so Bladek left. Kolankowski is 31, never started much until last year. Was on the Bomber Practice Squad for all but 2 games in 2021. Had Couture been healthy he wouldn’t have been starting. Eli is a natural centre but hasn’t played much since being drafted. IMO there will be a change @ CTR this year.

Ott-With Vaughn retiring, Bull recovering, big question @ OT.

Good breakdown. :smiley:

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Who is Burke? Do you mean Butler?

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I don’t see how Appolon is the starter at WLB, with the way Konar played last season.


Yes, it’s the Butler, of course. Thank you.:smiley:

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Konar was very good. But the other Appolon won the job out of training camp & Jones is very high on brother Woodly, giving up a 2nd rounder. I would think he has the inside track.

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