Ferguson: Top 20 pending free agent receivers

As CFL Free Agency nears, the most interesting conversation – outside of quarterbacks – is often those on the receiving end of the offensive equation.

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"If Burnham ever leaves BC he’ll change the entire complexion of CFL football."

If Burnham ever leaves BC he'll make Porky cry big time, he's my man! Getting older true, but I want him wearing orange till the bitter end.

Idk how burnham ended up above lawler cuz Kenny destroyed burnham in stats and burnham was nothing but a crybaby remember when he was crying that bc took a knee when we destroyed bc 45-0

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Burnham never stood a chance in 2021. With Reilly either running for his life or standing on the sidelines (while the medical staff tried to freeze his damaged throwing arm), BC receivers often found themselves unable to complete their routes in time. I'm still amazed at how well Lucky Whitehead did in this compromised offence. If Burnham winds up on a team that can dominate in the trenches, he'll be tough to cover.

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Why is Burnham ahead of Lawler? Look at the stats for last year: receptions: Lawler 64, Burnham 67; Targets: Lawler 94, Burnham 93; percent receptions vs targets: Lawler 68, Burnham 72; yards: Lawler 1014, Burnham 965; YAC: Lawler 158, Burnham 189. Pretty much a toss up statistically. Through in the fact the Burnham shared the spotlight with Whitehead, and number of almost impossible catches he makes every year, and it is obvious why he is number one.

Ottawa should signed Burnham and brandon bank also kamar Jordan

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Ottawa needs to sign JEREMIAH MASOLI to be their number one quarterback for 2022 season