Ferguson: Ticats will be a work in chemistry in '22

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I see Marshall has taken a page from Porky's manifesto & is giving chemistry it's day in the sun. I've mentioned here before on the importance of that intangible & elusive property of the ether that can make or break a team. You can't touch it, see it, hear it, taste it or feel it but it can win a championship for you. It's what you get when men bond, & are willing to go to war for their mates. It can make a team nearly invincible but it's the most fragile & easily shattered thing by itself. Can't be bought or sold, traded for or drafted. Every coach wants it, & must be part of it, but is essentially powerless to it's whims & vagaries. It's like fog, it can blanket you, or slip away between your fingers. Like Sask's 13th man, it can't march onto the field with you, but make no mistake, if you have it it's a major advantage. Who's going to have the best chemistry this year?

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Chemistry is indeed true here but we must remember that last year Steven Dunbar and Tim White where new to the league and team and this year they will be more familiar. Also the league stopped for a whole season and so offences took a while to get going while defenses only have to react with what the offence does.