Ferguson: Ticats' defence has to steer them forward

Tonight the Hamilton Tiger-Cats return from a Week 7 trip west to Vancouver where they had every opportunity to get the type of win that could start season long positive momentum in the win column.

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Although to be fair Hamilton's offence DOES have something to do with creating turnovers...

The defence has to be relentlessly aggressive to steer the Cats forward tonight as Ferguson has highlighted. On the other hand, the offence must start Thomas Erlington as the running back to get the offence rolling. First, he is Canadian and second, the Cats had their best offensive production, during the Calgary game in Hamilton when he was the running back. :football: :football: :postal_horn: :notes: :canada: This was no coincidence because he caught many of the throws from Evans.

I am a Cat fan and very happy to see them win this game. However, I am not happy about their 4th quarter dying in the stretch habit. The defence played very well, but this QB changing back and forth is wearing thin. I'm not sure if this is Coach "O's" plan or Condell's. I hope they settle the matter soon to give the offence some stability. But like I say - this was a good win - Oskee- wee- wee!

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I don't know who was responsible for that musical quarterback nonsense but right now it sounds like the Hamilton faithful is angry with Condell. This game looked like it was in the bag with 13 minutes to play but it nearly slipped away from them again.

I gotta feel for those Montreal fans though. They're on the other side of this victory and the mood on their thread is dark.